“we’ll end up with whatever is appropriate being done will be done”

In the course of looking into the detail behind this I changed my mind about who it causes difficulty for. At first glance it would appear that Beverley Flynn TD is in difficulty after Taoiseach Brian Cowen told RTÉ that

“I’ll give the opportunity for Deputy Flynn to talk to me about it and we’ll have a discussion about it and we’ll end up with whatever is appropriate being done will be done”

“It” being the more than €40,000 annual tax-free allowance for Independent TDs. Deputy Flynn is now back within the Fianna Fáil fold after being elected as an Independent. And some reports interpreted Brian Cowen’s comments to mean “Cowen to confront Flynn over €41,000 extra payout”. But, as the Irish Times report notes, she has in the past also been denied the allowance when actually an Independent TD.

When Ms Flynn was expelled from Fianna Fáil in 2004 after her failed RTÉ libel case, she was not entitled to the allowance because she had been elected as a Fianna Fáil party TD. She told Midwest Radio: “Prior to the last election I was elected as a Fianna Fáil TD. I found myself outside Fianna Fáil after the first year and spent the following four years as an Independent. “In that particular case I did not receive the Independent allowance despite the fact that I did not have the support of the party structure and had the additional expenses that all Independent deputies have.”

If the “technicalities” of the legislation were used to prevent her claiming the Independent TDs allowance in the past they can also be used to allow her to claim it now. Surely that would be “appropriate”?

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  • Eoin O’Sullivan

    Why are we even wondering what is apprpropriate amd inappropriate? It is Fianna Fáil after all. The party wouldn’t know prinicple annd honour if it bit it in the face.

    Bev will do what she wants and will not give two hoots about what anyone else will think. And to think that Biffo would show some backbone and order her to return the money is just ridiculous.

  • Rory Carr

    The Taoiseach speaks not with forked tongue. When he says “whatever is appropriate will be done” we can take him at his word.

    It is an iron law of politics that whatever those in power decide will be done is what is then appropriate.

    No doubt you will all be eager to follow with your own examples of this God given rule.

    But, if and when you do, please, at least try to keep within the bounds of propriety. I am a bit of a stickler for that as all know.

  • Mick Fealty


    You are missing the wood from the trees. This is a complaint from a local FF councillor, which if it were upheld would result in a FF TD (or rather the party) losing funds to support that TD in their local office. If Ms Flynn’s funds disappear from her, the party has no extra resources to replace them with.

    Perhaps an indication of how the Bert’s deft hand is missing from the FF coalition tiller. This tendency towards self destruction within the party needs stepping on. But you also begin to wonder whether Mr Cowen has the qualities to recognise the problem never mind deal with it.

  • Pete Baker

    Another point worth noting from the Irish Times report

    Ms Flynn said that all TDs received a similar payment. The only difference is that payments for TDs who are members of a political party are paid directly to the party rather than to TDs.

    And presumably the same eligibility rules apply to how that allowance is calculated.

    Which would make the complaint by Fianna Fáil Councillor Barry Conway, in the Irish Independent report, seem more than a little foolish..

  • Pete Baker

    I see Mick has noted that point.. still, there’s the detail..

  • Cowen may be in office but not really in power – he’s annoyed lots of his colleagues and is now dealing with issues for which there are no answers.

    I think the Flynns are a dreadful family – but in this case she is right – she didn’t get the money when she was and independent.

  • borderline

    Bev Flynn was found to be a liar in court and, without showing the slightest remorse was re-elected by the people of Mayo.

    They knew she lied. They didn’t care because they thought she might do them a personal favour in the future. If that includes lying for them, well so be it.

    Named after a Yorkshire town by an pathetically anglophilic mother, divorced by an anglo-irish prod, partnered up to a planning schemer/property developer/bulder, ensconced in a pug-ugly pile in ‘Windsor’ and brassnecked beyond belief, she is the living embodiment of modern Mayo aspiration.

    She even manages to make her ‘towny’ Caitríona Ruane appealing by comparison.

    Nationalists who want to persuade Unionists that their future lies with the likes of Flynn, and the pathetic twats who elect her, have their work cut out.