Cameron and the problem of staying new, liberal AND Tory…

Over at Brassneck I’ve suggested the Tories may be struggling to keep to the offering they’ve been slow-feeding out to the public over the last few years, not the least the willingness to decentralise power and a credible proposition on facing into the world wide recession. Team Cameron’s latest suggestion to cap local councils smacks not only of a weak commitment to localism, but of an old and politically damaging Tory propensity to distrust government in all its forms…

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  • frustrated democrat

    If we accept that overall government spending needs to be reined in from its current unacceptable levels to one where it is affordable in terms of income, then local government must be included.

    There is no point in central government having an ambition to match income with expenditure and the same time lower taxes and allowing local government to impose local tax increases that negate that ambition.

    We just have to come to terms with the fact that everyone, UK government and citizens, will have to start living within their means even if that entails reductions in services. That includes everyone in Northern Ireland, we are part of the UK afterall.

  • Mick Fealty

    I wouldn’t have found it remarkable if David Cameron had not made such a point of pointing up ‘localism’ as such an important aspect of his ongoing project.

  • frustrated democrat


    I think we can assume localism is about how the money is spent, not how much.

    In councils the allocation of the funds will be in local hands, there will just be less of it to go round, a bit like the Northern Ireland government situation.