Enniskillen bomb victim wants to meet Gadaffi

This is from the Impartial Reporter (but not online).

Jim Dixon one of the 63 people injured along with the 12 murdered when the IRA bombed the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Enniskillen is planning to travel to Libya in the hope of meeting Colonel Gadaffi. A “class action” is being undertaken by a number of victims, who are looking for compensation from the Libyans who supported the IRA campaign with huge arsenals of weapons and bombs.
The victims’ action had appeared to be running out of steam until Gordon Brown gave it government backing. As a result Mr. Dixon says a delegation including Fermanagh victims is being put together to visit Libya. Mr. Dixon said “We have decided to put a delegation together to travel to Libya to speak to the Libyan government.”

Although the bomb used at Enniskillen did not include Libyan supplied semtex, the class action includes victims of Enniskillen as it is argued that the IRA campaign overall was sustained by Libya.

Mr. Dixon is now chairman of the Ely Centre in Enniskillen , and he says his group includes a number of members “who suffered as a result of the IRA/Libya terrorist relationship.”

Mr Dixon reports that as a result of the group’s campaigning visit to London they have forged links with victims of the London 7/7 terrorist attacks. “This is important as all victims of terrorism must stick together,” said Mr. Dixon.

He praised the efforts of Nigel Dodds and Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay who raised the issue in the House of Commons and continued:

“I have no doubt that as things move on this will be a great embarrassment to Sinn Fein who are attempting to re-write history. But the facts remain, the IRA armed by Libya launched a devastating campaign of terror on the people of Northern Ireland and the UK mainland and so they must pay for that. The Libyan regime is pushing to improve relations with the UK and now they have their chance; pressure will now be applied to them to ensure that they take full responsibility for the pain they cost thousands of people.”

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