Two similar messages

In both Christmas messages, the more traditional Queen’s message and the not so traditional Channel Four alternative message, given by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, offered one message to viewers this Christmas – that is the importance of family and religion in the wake of troubled times.

The focus of Her Majesty the Queen was very much on the family with reference also made to religion and the birth of Jesus. Addressing the difficult times felt by the nation she reminded people not to lose focus of these things in life that can provide us with strength and happiness. President Ahmadinejad, whilst not a Christian but Muslim reflected on the teaching of religion and the prophets. It seemed strange however that he as a Muslim preached to a generally Christian nation about religion, when the running of his own country is not generally seen as compassionate or humane. Channel Four as always introduced controversy to this Christmas.

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    and the pro… ???

    We’re waiting.

  • 6countyprod

    Okay, here is something that goes along with the partial-post:

    ‘It takes a certain nerve and chutzpah to invoke the messiah approvingly when Christ’s followers are relentlessly persecuted at home in Iran by, er, Mahmoud himself. Christians who have been unable to get the hell out of Ahmadinejad’s Islamist hellhole are routinely arrested, have their property confiscated and their churches closed; at least one evangelical preacher faces the death penalty for “proselytising” and “apostasy”. Ahmadinejad didn’t disclose what he thought Christ would have to say about that. Maybe he thinks he wouldn’t mind too much, all things considered.’