Could the PSNI please pull the other one!

This letter came this morning from the police. to see if we had filled in and returned our questionnaire.. A fortnight ago a questionnaire (anonymous questionnaire?)came to ask us about the quality of service received from the police when you reported being the victim of vehicle crime in July. Firstly no one here reported being the victim of vehicle crime in July, a call came from the police in July to tell us that they now had someone in the frame for a vehicle that had been stolen from us some years earlier . They told me that they had taken DNA from the car and matched it to someone they had in custody! Hmmmmm….
From the link:

Councillor Marie Cush began her first West Belfast DPP meeting as chair by highlighting her disappointment that many targets had not been met.Ms Cush made the comments after Chief Superintendent Gary White made his latest report at the District Policing Partnership meeting

“The PSNI are currently carrying out a level of dip sampling in the area. This is testing the level of customer satisfaction with the police service and the level of victim satisfaction with police in relation to domestic violence and domestic burglary.”


Superintendent White continued:
“It is important to realise that we are being honest.


  • William

    Is Ms Cush a Shinner I wonder….if so, she should realise that Police depend on the public for help and there are many of that community who wouldn’t help the Police in any form. A couple of examples more serious than the theft of a car, are the level of information given to the Police on the murders of Robert McCartney and Paul Quinn. Precisely none has been given by the Shinners and they know the guilty folk at the highest levels of that party.

  • Kathleen

    Well William it would seem that sampling is going on, and that we have been included in it. I have a few problems with it,

    one) as regards the ‘case’ I don’t even know if there is one, and don’t care. It happened far too long ago. None of us can remember even what happened originally.

    It looks to me like they have arrested someone and they’ve cleared up some crime figures along the way. I’m not saying thats how it is, but thats how it looks, since no one has told me anything concrete since the phone call from them in July. The second thing is it feels like manipulation.

    I don’t know if there are guilty folk in the shinners, what I do know is the police are now
    being made answerable, and I am not sure I like the way they’re going about presenting their case. None of us want to be manipulated by them or any political party.

  • Hbf


    I was also sent one of these surveys a few weeks ago (although the one they sent me was on violent crime in July, not vehicle crime). This wasn’t a mistake on the police’s part, as happened with you.

    The survey didn’t seem to me to be manipulative – just a standard sort of survey asking me to rate different parts of the service I received from the police. The one that they sent you might have been different, but to me the survey seems normal and mundane, the sort of thing where they tally up their results and try to work out what people think of them.

    Why does it seem manipulative to you?

  • Kathleen

    hbf, because nothing is solid about it. I can’t say if anyone was charged, since no body got back to me. Don’t know how or why they came accross this person who is alleged to be involved, or indeed if it is to go to court. Nothing. All I do know is, I got this call, then the questionaire, then the follow up to the questionaire??

    It’s odd.

  • picador

    So you picked the letter out of the bin then?

  • cut the bull

    They told me that they had taken DNA from the car and matched it to someone they had in custody! Hmmmmm….
    they told a high court judge a similar story when they tried to wrongly convict Sean Hoey for 31 murders in Omagh.
    They are known to be strangers to the truth.What really gets me about this whole deabacle is the facts that the PSNI dtective who told Forensic experts to falsify and beef up evidence has not been suspended, but has in fact been put forward for promotion. So much for accountability and putting manners on the PSNI, such a yarn.

  • heck

    William “a couple of examples more serious than the theft of a car, are the level of information given to the Police on the murders of PAT FINUCANE and ROSEMARY NELSON. Precisely none has been given by the POLICE and they know the guilty folk at the highest levels of that organization”

    Wise up man –if the police won’t inform the police about murders committed by the police why should the shiners give them information

  • Alex S

    I don’t see what the problem is, the PSNI take DNA sample from stolen car, it does not match any DNA on the data base, some months later they arrest Joe Soap, take his DNA, run it through their data base of unidentified DNA including that taken from the car and hey presto they get a match, routine police work, what’s the problem?

  • William

    Heck…Finucane and Nelson’s murders were nothing to do with the Police. Why did Loyalists need help with two people whose office and home phone numbers were in the book and as high profile people, their pictures were often in the papers and television.

    The idiots who shot Finucane and put a bomb under Nelson’s car were not total fools – they knew what they were doing and you and others trying to make the police responsible for these two murders is more to do with the further demonisation of the police than anything to further the cause of justice for the Finucane and Nelson families.

    You merely push the Sinn Fein / IRA line – which tells me that you folk don’t support the police and don’t believe in justice and therefore are unfit to be in Government. Before you tell your party has a mandate, may I say, ‘So had Hitler.’