“like de Tocqueville in America..”

Via Crooked Timber’s John Holbo, a fascinating and informative BloggingHeads discussion, with political scientist Jacob Levy of Montreal’s McGill University, about the constitutionally strange course of events that have just happened are still unfolding in Canada. Bite-sized clips available at the Bloggingheads site. And, perhaps, of particular interest is the segment on “How social undesirables mix up [voluntary] coalition politics”. But here’s the full discussion. For all you pointy-heads out there! You know who you are..

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    Pete, is it Canada’s government you wish to talk about or visual blogging over the Internet?

    If it’s visual blogging, I find the whole idea meaningless especially debating legal issues or politics. The written word is superior.

    Blogging is fine for general/social communication, but when you need clarification on issues (much in the same way Engineers need drawings), the written form is essential.

    which means we have to record every visual conversation.

  • Pete Baker


    Since you appear to be confused, allow me to clarify.

    The topic is the content of the discussion in the video.

    Although that centres on the Canadian situation there are, imho, ripples emanating from it – one of which I have highlighted.

    If after watching the video you have nothing to say relating to the topic, then you have nothing to say relating to the topic.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Point taken Pete. Although could you point me in the direction of the “ripples emanating” part. That much I’d be obliged, as I don’t have all day to check through stuff. Cheers.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, Umh.

    I’ve already linked one particular segment of potential interest in the original post.

    But I don’t spoon-feed.

    Here’s a thought.. after watching the video, try thinking about it for a while and see what you come up with.