Survey of slugger readers.

Please take a minute to take this survey. It would be interesting to see who reads slugger and comments.
***update*** Survey re-opened.
Click Here to take survey

The data from the survey would be useful in implementing new ideas for discussion on slugger.

Also please use the comments for any ideas you would like to see happen. In the middle of these harsh economic times would anyone like to see discussions on accessing benefits or survices if they
are out of work, or shortly to be made unemployed? Share any tips for help for those who need to access services at this time. All to often such knowledge is not widely available and is passed from word of mouth.
With a lot of people out of work, through unemployment or retirement or any reason, would live blogging of football or other events be useful, or daily open threads for discussion of current affairs?

Update As I didn’t make it clear, all or any comments/questions re services would be taken to the CAB and hopefully a little video response like David Camerons would be used for answers.
Results so far here.