Results of earlier survey. Responses and updates.

Firstly I had to upgrade to a paid account in order to continue with the surveys. 🙂 It appears that a basic account will only cover 100 responses. So, now that I’ve done that we can continue with the surveys until all the information is in. Here is a new survey for Northern Ireland voters and what I will do later is replicate the survey that we have already done, since it only covered 100 responses.
But even that 100 response survey is interesting.
Here is the new survey on NI voters,

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And a more general survey here:
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This one will not run out, and here are the graph results for the first 100 responses of the survey of slugger readers, which we will repeat again at a later date.

UpdateThe please specify comments have been included here.
*** update **** earlier survey reopened.
Results here.

  • I love this one:

    4. How many blogs do you read each day?
    Percent Response
    One. 15.1% 16
    Three to five. 55.7% 59
    more. 29.2% 31

    Um, what if you read two blogs per day? Was that option allowed, or were there just no takers?

  • Kathleen

    Well horseman I got around that by putting a field of others please specify,

  • Kathleen, A bit odd to leave out England specifically from survey 1 while including S and W. Unconscious anti-imperialism or just forgot? Apologies accepted. Results so far are interesting. Thank God no live footie. More cultural and economic. ( I do my best).

  • Kathleen

    I know Brian, how I over looked it I don’t know. Interesting the cultural angle came out.

  • Mark McGregor

    Aye, I’ve a few:

    Preferred constitutional outcome in the north, sexuality of readers and religious affiliation if any of readers.

    Oh and should Mick just close the site down thus encouraging people to get on with something worthwhile instead. Or maybe the more serious, does Slugger serve any purpose beyond the self gratification of political junkies.

  • Kathleen

    Mark write it up and e mail it.

    Go on 🙂

  • does Slugger serve any purpose beyond the self gratification of political junkies.

    No need to ask, I reckon. This is political mastrubation.

    My (semi-serious) questions would include:

    1. Should Pete Baker be limited to one blog per day?

    2. Should Pete Baker be forbidden from using his ridiculous (and grossly over-used) ‘editor-alter-ego’ (you know the one, that appears in almost every post: [ed: am I scizo, or do people really think I’m being clever?])?

  • Kathleen

    Interestingly so far more people come to read and to keep up with politics than to comment:

    How often do you read slugger?
    Percent Response
    Once a day? 32.2% 39
    More than once a day? 51.2% 62
    Once every two or three days? 14.9% 18
    Once a week? 1.7% 2
    Less? 0.0% 0
    answered question 121
    skipped question 2
    2. Why do you come to slugger?
    Percent Response
    To read. 71.1% 81
    To comment. 28.1% 32
    To keep up to date with politics. 61.4% 70
    Enjoy interacting with others on politics. 20.2% 23

  • veritas

    a complete useless little poll and one you would expect to see in a primary school paper.

  • Ulicky

    “a complete useless little poll and one you would expect to see in a primary school paper”

    It was a bit. As a 35 year old I didn’t know where to put my mark so I went for the younger group. However as an Irish citizen who refuses to recognise the northern statelet while despising the southern one, I was glad I could choose ‘Northern Ireland’ ‘Republic of Ireland’ and specify ‘Ireland’ for my other pick.

  • Kathleen

    Ulicky, its a bit of fun… maybe get a bit of insight from it, it was never meant to be 100% statistically perfect. Even then the professionals can get their surveys wrong at election time:)

  • Kathleen

    O and before I forget, I thought the insights so far weren’t bad…..humph🙂

  • Kathleen

    Can we play ball and stick to topic please.


  • runciter


    Why did you delete my last post?

  • I’ve a question for a futuer survey, can the readers choose the nature of the adverts? I find the present one displayed from Google with a young lady advertising a Mexican dating agency most stimulat… offensive and I really wouldn’t like to see any more of the same. Really. Honest.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I did one of these a while ago now. May do it again soon, mine was very different.

  • Kathleen

    I thought the little graphs were neat Michael. What was your subject and the results? I think Mick is considering doing a good comprehensive one. Would be interesting to see a good in-depth survey of a few pages to thoroughly investigate opinions wouldn’t it? They’re fun too.

  • Ralphie

    What we want are more realistic stories and ones with zany space alien robots.