Results of earlier survey. Responses and updates.

Firstly I had to upgrade to a paid account in order to continue with the surveys. 🙂 It appears that a basic account will only cover 100 responses. So, now that I’ve done that we can continue with the surveys until all the information is in. Here is a new survey for Northern Ireland voters and what I will do later is replicate the survey that we have already done, since it only covered 100 responses.
But even that 100 response survey is interesting.
Here is the new survey on NI voters,

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And a more general survey here:
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This one will not run out, and here are the graph results for the first 100 responses of the survey of slugger readers, which we will repeat again at a later date.

UpdateThe please specify comments have been included here.
*** update **** earlier survey reopened.
Results here.