“I defy you not to be amazed..”

At the Guardian’s Science blog James Randerson picks up this NewScientist video of Michael Wright’s reconstruction of the wondrous Antikythera mechanism previously noted here. And, if you haven’t already seen it [and even if you have – Ed], the Nature video is worth a look too. The narrator of the New Scientist video, Jo Marchant, was interviewed on the G’s Science Weekly podcast, and has written about the enduring fascination with the mechanism, since its discovery in 1900, in Decoding the Heavens. She also has a article about the mechanism and its history at the New Scientist website. As a bonus, the 2005 X-Rays of the original mechanism are available online here.

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  • Belfast Gonzo


    I wonder what technology is around today that is so far ahead of its time, it won’t be recognised as such until much later…

  • runciter

    Michael Wright’s reconstruction of the mechanism is amazing.

    Good post Pete.

  • Mark McGregor

    Fantastic. My 8 year old was equally fascinated.

    Post of the year.