“Northern Ireland pork is safe to eat..”

There is, finally, some clarity emerging on question over whether Northern Irish pork is contaminated in the Irish pork dioxins alert. According to the BBC report,

The [UKs Food Standards Agency] said it was confident no pigs had been fed contaminated feed. “We are quite happy that Northern Ireland pigs are free from the contamination,” the FSA’s Maria Jennings said. “We’re quite happy for processors to start processing as soon as they possibly can.”

Although the report also notes that 11 Northern Ireland premises processed pork from the Republic of Ireland and the meat was put on sale here. What then of the 6 herds on which restrictions were placed by the Agriculture Minister? The Minister wasn’t able to answer questions on those in the Assembly yesterday – waiting for the results of tests on the feed. And, according to another BBC report, 8 Northern Irish beef cattle herds have been fed contaminated feed, although it is very unlikely that any dioxins would be in the processed meat [or milk]. All of which adds to the questions about the weekend breakdown in communication north, south, east and west.