Executive lags behind again

Ban on tobacco displays announced

Northern Ireland is yet to decide a policy.

What’s keepin’ ye?

  • Eddie

    Is the wee tobacconist’s shop in Church Lane, Belfast, still there? Miss Moran’s, was/is it called? Sold/sells nothing else but tobacco, cigarettes, pipe tobacco of all kinds. A specialist shop.

    If so, if NI follows suit, will it be the first shop in the world not allowed to display anything it has for sale, ableit allowed to stow it under the counter and sell it from there.

    What next? Pubs that aren’t allowed to display alcohol. Crazy or what?

  • Reader

    “Mr Johnson said the big supermarkets would be asked first to remove their displays – in 2011 – followed by corner shops – in 2013.”
    It looks like the NI Assembly has plenty of time to catch up with the New Labour (post election) plan.

  • Greenflag

    Tobacco is addictive . Which is why many undereducated and underpriviliged 16 year old smokers will set fire to over 200,000 pounds in their 10 year shortened life span to keep the purveyors of drug addiction in comfort and to keep governments and illegal smugglers happy 🙁

    Instead of banning the displays it would be more ‘humane ‘ to make it compulsory for all tobacco vendors to display publicly on their premises graphic photos of ‘smokers’ during their last days of life wired up to oxygen machines along with statistical tables showing for each age cohort of the pupulation how much ‘money’ is being set fire to each day !

  • Mack

    Greenflag – “Tobacco is addictive”

    Bingo. It should only be available on prescription at full cost to the addict.

    Annual tobacco related public health costs should be charged in full to tobacco firms operating within the jurisdiction.

  • Observer

    What a crazy idea to hide cigarettes away in shops. Nothing will do more to create interest in these products than keeping them out of sight. How many of the controls introduced in recent years in relation to advertising etc have made one button of difference to the sale of these items. Surround them with mystique and the kids will be clamouring to buy them. Personally I find them disgusting!!

  • The tobacco industry appears opposed to the Government move, such opposition can only be due to their assessment that this will have a negative impact on sales.

  • that should do it

    That should do it Mack.Your my new MP.

  • Greenflag

    mack ,

    ‘It should only be available on prescription at full cost to the addict.’

    Sounds fair 🙂

    ‘Annual tobacco related public health costs should be charged in full to tobacco firms operating within the jurisdiction.’

    You got my vote too 🙂

  • Eddie

    Maybe we should make it a criminal offence to sell cigarettes. That would make some of the people (see above) happy. Or would it?

  • Danny O’Connor

    AS a smoker I find the whole thing hypocritical.The tax on fags brings in billions,many times more than the cost of smoking to the health service.Smokers die younger – so there is pensions that aren’t payed out.

    Remember Bernie Ecclestone donating £1m to new labour followed by a delay in banning tobacco ads in F1.
    Why not ban tobacco? revenue

    How do you stop kids buying smuggled fags-which are freely available throughout NI.

    Greenflag ,Buying Fags at cost would save me a fotune.

  • Andrew

    We live in a free country and people have a right to make choices.

    However I understand that this policy is one to reduce the take up of smoking at a young age – a time when most smokers start.

    I disagree with this move on principle. Its placing cigarettes in the same league as ‘top-of-the shelf’ magazines. It will also affect traders.

  • Mack

    Danny – It’s unlikely you could ever stamp it out entirely – but you can make it much less profitable for those peddling them.

    Most people I know who smoke wish they didn’t. They are fighting an addiction, but one in which society is complicit in providing support not for the poor afflicted addict but those making money out of their habit. It has always been thus, the North American Colonies only succeeded on the back of the tobacco trade.

    Banning tobacco outright is a bad idea – it’s one of the most addictive substances known to man. The result would be something like US prohibition.

    Tightly regulating tobacco use, with the goal of preventing corporations from enslaving new addicts, reducing the profitability of trading on others addiction, and preventing a strong black market from emerging would be better than what we have now.


    Tobacco is as addictive as heroin (as a mood & behavior altering agent).

    * Nicotine is:
    o 1000 X more potent than alcohol
    o 10-100 X more potent than barbiturates
    o 5-10 X more potent than cocaine or morphine
    * A 1-2 pack per day smoker takes 200-400 hits daily for years. This constant intake of a fast acting drug (which affects mood, concentration & performance).. eventually produces dependence.

  • Mack

    Danny – Also it was me who wrote

    “It should only be available on prescription at full cost to the addict. ”

    By which I meant they shouldn’t be subsidized like some other prescriptions. Having cigarettes on prescription puts them under medical license and removes them from the general retail trade. If the cost was driving people to the black market then under such a system the government could tactically, periodically reduce the cost of prescription cigarettes to levels that wipe out the dealers.

    The health levee would be an annual license on top of existing taxes.

  • Greenflag

    danny o’connor ,

    ‘Buying Fags at cost would save me a fortune.’

    Indeed -as you would probably buy more you would probably reduce your life span by even more than the 7 year average for male smokers . By dying 10 years earlier than you should normally you will save yourself 10 years life expenses and earnings . What a deal eh ? Think of the major benefits to dying much earlier .

    a) you get to enjoy ‘heaven ‘ / ‘hell’ for an extra 10 years .

    b) you deprive the Government of all that tax revenue .

    c) you get to deprive the tobacco companies of making even more profit off your ‘life’

    d) you don’t get to see your grandchildren

    e) you get to predecease your mother in law especially if she’s a non smoker.

    PS the above was written before Mack’s bursting of your ‘bubble ‘;)