“little bit of a game, I think, going on here..”

During the initial studio discussion on Stormont Live today, on questions to the deputy First Minister, BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport thinks he’s spotted the hand of the semi-detached polit-bureau [you should copyright that – Ed] Too late.. And later, there appeared to be more games being played during questions to the Social Development Minister – see below the fold.

The first question to the Social Development Minister came from Sinn Féin MLA, Alex Maskey

1. Mr A Maskey (South Belfast):

To ask the Minister for Social Development what protocols she follows in responding to representations from, or questions raised, by Assembly Members. (AQO 1482/09)

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  • victor

    Dirty politics being played at the minute between Sinn Fein and the SDLP minister with the Housing Executive caught in the middle. The Shinners fancy their chances in South Down next time around and are keen to ‘bait’ Margaret with the big housing stick.

    It’s also personal between Maskey and Ritchie..

  • veritas

    maybe Ritchie isn`t up to the job just like the SF education minister!

  • circles

    Are any of them up to the job? Ritchie has performed better than Ruane.The again , apart from Eddie Poots, who hasn’t?

    However at least Ruane will be remembered for getting rid of the eleven plus, albeit in as cach-handed a way as possible.

    However what is Ritchie’s signature project? Apart from the humiliating climbdown over the UDA/CTI funding, she’s delivered little especially in regard to making inroads into the massive social housing shortfall.