Cameron in Belfast Live Blog

Watch it live below the fold…

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  • Mark McGregor

    Lazy bones here missed the early bus to Belfast. At least Kathleen and Gerard made it.

  • Wm

    Nevin…Your link didn’t work !!

  • Dewi

    It worked for me Wm – I think you might have just missed the end.

  • blinding

    “Dave” is Tony Blair mark 2.

    The problem with that is Blair is yesterdays man.

    And George Osborne is Blair 2.001.

    These phoney Tonys look very lightweight for the economic times we are living in.

  • 6countyprod
  • William

    6countyprod….what a name for a ‘unionist’…small ‘u’ intended…

    I could post dozens of links about Obama and his track-record and crookery with the gangsters of the Democratic political machine in Chicago…..what Obama says or said about Cameron is irrelevant…..unlike Obama, the PM elect doesn’t get briefings 4 months in advance of taking office so DT will make an excellent PM when he is elected and sees the real mess of the books, left by the looneys of Labour