Murdered at Queen’s

Monday 7th December marks the 25th Anniversary of the murder of Queen’s Law Lecturer and Unionist Assembly member for South Belfast Edgar Graham.

Edgar Graham was shot dead outside the Queen’s Library whilst talking to colleague, Dermot Nesbitt.

His death followed the murder of South Belfast Unionist MP Robert Bradford two years previous whilst working in his constituency.

The killers involved in either of these murders were never caught.

“We will remember them”

  • DC

    Unionism is often mocked for poor political leadership but it is worth asking that if Unionism ever had anyone extremely effective would they have been allowed to live; this guy most certainly wasn’t.

  • Half Pint

    Disgusting to see those who supported it now in government isn’t it Andrew?

  • Pleb

    A huge loss for unionism.

    Sad that people like half pint try to highjack this thread to score cheap points. a time and a place eh phil?

  • RepublicanStones

    Indeed a huge loss for unionism, and milestone anniversaries such as 25 years are always harder on families.

  • Lets not forget

    16th October past was the 16th anniversary of the murder of Queen’s law student and Sinn Fein activist Sheena Campbell.

  • Alan

    I remember this sad day very well.

    Have to say that I do not recognise the Queen’s of the time as described by O’Neil. This is, perhaps, because the student day then was equally disrupted by the appalling DUA.

  • cut the bull

    I can remember him getting shot.What I found strange in the aftermath of his death, was an interview with a loyalist in the lower Shankill estate This man who is now a prominant figure in the PUP said that Edgar Graham would’nt be missed by people of that area because of comments he made in relation to supergrass trials and the need to bring back hanging for all paramilitaries convicted of murder.

  • George O’Dowd

    Bradford was a Christian Zionist. So too is Clifford Peeples. If there is a hierarchy of victimhood, his allegiance to this ultra fascist creed is noteworthy.

  • circles

    There is no hierarchy of victims though George and its hard to understand why the hundreds of victims in the 2 years between the murders of Robert Bradford and Edgar Graham have been skipped over.
    Every day is somebody’s anniversary it seems. Should we all be walking round in black veils?

  • Hugh Dubh oneil

    absolutely agree circles.every day is somebodys anniversary.this could easily descend into nationalist victims anniversaries v. unionist victims anniversaries and the whole hiearchy of victims mess.lets not go there

  • William

    Alan….Well I do remember that time at Queen’s very well….and the sad death of Edgar [a personal friend in the Young Unionists] whilst he spoke to colleague Dermot Nesbitt.

    The SU at the time was run by Republicans and that was the situation until very recent times. In 2000 I undertook further studies at Queen’s and I well remember the elections then, when Republicans sought to grab all the positions….you could see them [lots of Tyrone and Armagh folk] with their Gaelic shirts on canvassing for their candidates who inevitably were Republican. In fact a guy from my course was a candidate and he made no bones about what they were about….positions of power…like the Jesuits get them young and you have them for like was the idea.
    That may have changed in more recent times….but back in 1983, the SU was Republican and nothing else was given an opportunity to have a viewpoint.

    So I certainly remember with pride the person that was Edgar Graham….who undoubtedly would have become Leader of the Unionist Party had he lived. I also remember the decent Rev. Robert Bradford, also killed by evil people….Edgar and Robert are in Heaven, their killers are or will be in Hell, without any doubt.

  • circles


  • William

    Circles…..’There is no hierachy of victims….’ you state …..

    WRONG !!!! There is indeed…..

    Republicans: Bloody Sunday Inquiry
    Pat Finucane Inquiry
    Rosemary Nelson Inquiry

    Unionism: Breen / Buchanan

    I don’t count the Billy Wright Inquiry, as he was killed within a Prison, which as of right, should have had an inquiry into his death.

    Millions are spent on the three Republican Inquiries, whilst the HET is having £3m+ withdrawn from their budget for 2009….of course the majority of their cases involves Protestants / Unionists killed by the IRA and their fellow terrorists. But that’s o.k. of course…..we must appease the Republicans, least they go back to war !!! is the Labour Party viewpoint..

  • William

    You have a big mouth CIRCLES with a ‘yawn’ like that…..

  • Mick Fealty


    Cut the trolling. You have chosen to use anonymity, so has Half Pint. Keep abusing that privilege by trying guess real IDs, and you’ll find yourself bounced!

  • Mick Fealty


    Keep to the ball.


    You too!!

  • circles

    My point is Mick that it serves little to start picking out particular anniversaries or victims to eulogise here. Is the point really to say these were better men than those who were murdered around them?
    We descend into even more mindless territory if we start trying to second guess who gets through the pearly gates and who doesn’t. I mean come off it!!! It’s pure ” we were the good ‘uns youse were the bad ‘uns naa na-na na-na naaaa”. It was a yawn of boredom directed at the turn the post had taken and not at any individual.

  • Half Pint

    “Sad that people like half pint try to highjack this thread to score cheap points. a time and a place eh phil?”
    1. For the 1000th time I’m not Phil
    2. There is nothing cheap about murder. The scum that did this should be in their graves after being strung up, not government.

  • veritas

    all murders must be condemned….

    not just selectively.

  • The Alliance Party

    with their Gaelic shirts on

    Yes, Virginia, they were wearing Gaelic shirts along with their broad Tyrone accents. Bally place is becoming a cold house for Unionists, isn’t it?

  • fin

    Can anyone educate me as to what beliefs\policies marked this individual out as a future leader?

  • Christian Zionist

    “Edgar and Robert are in Heaven, their killers are or will be in Hell, without any doubt.”

    Is this because they, like the Oklhahoma bombers, are Christian Zionists who believe the native aborignals of Ireland are spwans of the devil.

    Bradfod certainly had a big mouth. He preached the winded and he reaped the whirlwind. Sad yes, but this man’s words egged on the killers as much as “Dr” Paisley’s words did.

    “Dr” Paisley also tinkered with Christian Zionism, which is as British as Finchley.

  • Alan

    I always thought the i.r.a.had claimed to be non sectarian soldiers, yet here was a man who was not a policeman or soldier, yet he was blasted into eternity for no reason other than he was a protestant politician. Shameful!

  • blinding

    Some of the Unionists on here still believe that their victims were of a higher quality than the other sides victims.

    Some of them are still slow learners.

    May all of the victims rest in peace.

  • T.Ruth

    It is timely to remember the murders of Edgar Graham and Robert Bradford. They were good men. There are lots of young Republicans too young to remember the atrocities committed by those who are now held in such esteem in the Republican hierarchy.They know a lot about Bloody Sunday and the Hunger Strikers but little about Bloody Friday, the indiscriminate murder of innocent Protestants and Catholics in the Seventies bombing campaign,or the cowardly gunning down of non violent democratically elected politicians. John Taylor survived an assassination attempt though very seriously wounded. History will reveal the pathetic,cowardly,sectarian nature of the “armed struggle” and its failure to do other than strengthen the will of Unionists to remain British Amazing to think that had Edgar Graham lived Trimble would hardly have moved beyond being a local Councillor by way of a political career.

  • tim

    Wasn’t Robert Bradford one of those who beleived that the British were descended from the lost tribes of Israel?

    A very controversial murder as a recall, not least for the claims after that the British security services failed to act on information that could have saved his life.

  • William

    I find it amazing that MICK FEALTY can cite me for joking with ‘Circles’ and his big yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna, but failed within the past few days to take any action against the s**m of the earth Republican / Sinn Fein / IRA Supporters who vilified and libelled Willie Frazer continually.

    Obviously Mick you believe in one law for the Unionists and another for the Repubicans.

    I am thinking of leaving and no longer posting anything. As another well-known blogger with a more comprehensive and world-wide read blog once said to me, ‘Why would one bother with Slugger and be insulted by a shower of Republicans?’ I am inclined to see the wisdom of his words, when I read the garbage about Robert Bradford and Edgar Graham, both of whom I knew. These two fine people can’t be allowed to rest in their graves, but some of the vermin have to spew their venom on them.

  • bubbye

    Aww well ho hum bye bye williie dont let the door slap you on the arse on the way out:).

  • William

    ‘Binding’……..I most certainly believe there is a heirachy of victims….the Innocent victims of all creeds and none and those ‘victims’ who lived by the sword and then died by it.

    Of course Republicans believe there is a heirachy also….hence the numerous calls for Inquiries into their deaths….the latest being the Maguire’s Bar. They have been successful in elevating their deaths above those of the Unionist community; examples being the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, the Finucane and Nelson Inquiries and what have Unionist received. The Breen / Buchanan and Wright Inquiries were only ‘counter-balances’ for the Nelson Inquiry and as Breen and Buchanan were on Police duty in a foreign country and Wright was killed in prison, there should have been automatic inquiries into their respective deaths.

    In conclusion, those killed in Darkley Church, Claudy, Le Mon, Teeban, Dropping Well Bar cannot be classified as victims in the same way as Thomas Begley who died when carrying a bomb into Frizzell’s Chip shop on the Shankill Road. I make no distinction between Republican terrorists and Loyalists who were killed when committing crimes; my only concern is for those who were going about their daily business or enjoying their life at home with their family and who died at the hands of terrorists, whether Roman Catholic Republicans or supposed Protestant Loyalists. That is why I walked on the LONG MARCH in support of the Innocent victims of Terrorism. It is regretable that the Government both in Westminster and Stormont classify all as victims….that is why many Victims Groups have nothing to do with Government initiatives…..well, they are not the same and never will be..

  • RepublicanStones

    Was Graham a member of Bill Graigs Vanguard movement? Remember Craig, the fine fellow, here is a few choice words from him…

    “We are prepared to come out and shoot and kill. I am prepared to come out and shoot and kill, let’s put the bluff aside. I am prepared to kill, and those behind me will have my full support.”

    “We must build up the dossiers on the men and women who are a menace to this country, because one day, ladies and gentlemen, if the politicians fail, it will be our duty to liquidate the enemy”.

  • austin

    Mr.Graham may well have evolved into a moderate power-sharer like all other hardline politicians of his generation-wasn’t Reg Empey an extremist a long time ago?

  • William

    Republican Stones….Had there been a more robust approach to the terrorism of Sinn Fein / IRA, then we would have been spared 35+ years of their killing of innocent people, soldiers and policemen.

    What happened was appeasement of the terrorists which means we now have a unapologetic terror chief as our joint Prime Minister.

    If it weren’t true, you couldn’t make it up…..

  • William

    The Republicans must have got out of bed …another entry, this time about Reg Empey…..I wonder was Martin McGuinness, Gerry Kelly, Gerry ‘Grizzly’ Adams etc ever Extremists?

    And the deceased Edgar Graham can’t be left to lie in peace but is villified incorrectly. Edgar Graham was always a proud member of the Ulster Unionist Party.

  • bubbye

    AAhhh so your back willie welcome home missed ya good on ya:).

  • ?

    Saor uladh….Republican Stones – Is that a kind of smelly German Sausage?

  • austin

    I merely asked what qualities did Mr. Graham possess that would have prevented him from taking the same power-sharing path that Paisley, Trimble, Empey and Ervine all trod?

  • William

    I am only back until I hear from Fealty., what he proposes to do regarding the disgusting comments about Willie Frazer, Robert Bradford and Edgar Graham posted by low-life Republicans, that unfortunately pollute this blog.

    Has DebCen closed down or are there no 32-County sites that you can harangue and pollute?

  • RepublicanStones

    So you advocate terrorism wlliam?

    ‘then we would have been spared 35+ years of their killing of innocent people, soldiers and policemen.’

    Of course if a certain group hadn’t used terrorism to set up their little sectarian statelet against the wishes of the majority of irish people lives would have been saved.

  • tim

    ‘Mr.Graham may well have evolved into a moderate power-sharer like all other hardline politicians of his generation-wasn’t Reg Empey an extremist a long time ago? ‘

    I would have been fairly sure that Graham would have been part of the present arrangement, had he lived. Trimle,Empey, etc.. were all part of the sectarian and Paramilitary linked Vanguard movement during the 70’s.

  • William

    No RepublicanStones – I didn’t advocate terrorism…..rather the defeat of terrorism. And no terror was used when Northern Ireland was set up and well you know it. The gun running of 1912 occurred but the weapons lie today in the Battlefields of the Somme where the 36th Ulster Division [the old UVF] together with the 16th Irish died to ensure you had the freedom to slander them and others as you did below.

    Appeasement of terror groups leads to what we have today…Terrorists in Government – the only State in Europe that has such a situation.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘I didn’t advocate terrorism’

    So you condemn Craig and his remarks unreservedly?

    ‘And no terror was used when Northern Ireland was set up and well you know it.’

    Cherry picking at the definition of Terrorism aren’t we William.

  • tim

    ‘Appeasement of terror groups leads to what we have today…Terrorists in Government – the only State in Europe that has such a situation.’

    Do you include the First Minister in your above statement, William?

  • Austin’s point is a fair one. I don’t remember Edgar Graham as a crazed extremist and it is possible that he would have become a power-sharer.

    Younger readers may be interested to know that unionism at Queens was strong during the mid-70s. I was nearly elected Speaker of the Union. Each Christmas unionists, including Edgar and myself, organised collections on the SU steps for the Security Forces Benevolent Fund, without any hassle from republicans.

    We found that many unionist-minded students were in the science faculties and tended to avoid SU politics.

  • Mark McGregor

    Any chance of staying somewhere near the topic?


    If you care to check Mick took down the Fraser post and I agreed with him as regardless of if it was funny or not it was potentially libellous and I shouldn’t have blogged it in the first place.

  • William

    Mark…..I wasn’t only thinking of your ‘in poor taste video’….more those hiding under an ID who were spewing hatred against Willie. I hold no brief for Willie Frazer but I question the different attitudes when I made a person comment, Mick was on like a shot, with ‘ball not man’, whilst with the Republicans it was ‘man not ball’ and not a word form the bold Mick.

    Perhaps he was away speaking at Oxford Uni or fraternising with the Main Stream media types like Guardian or Channel 4 lefties but he certainly wasn’t there when he was needed….maybe of course he saw nothing wrong with the Sinn Fein / IRA types and their hatred??

  • edward

    its willie that has the hatred, we merely hoisted him on his own petard

    As for this post, well it is propper to remember the dead they invariably spiral down into the muck of what aboutery

    People only give back the respect to your dead that they recieve for theirs

    And there are way too many crass Bobby Sands jokes too expect anything else back

  • veritas

    Taylor was attacked by the MI5 backed, supported and directed OIRA now the Workers Party..

    Secondly, the amount of vain innuendo masked as justification for murder is a remnant of the past and should be relegated to the past…

    Sectarianism on both sides is still clearly alive and kicking…

  • William

    Edward it is right that you email id is AprilFoolMe….suits you, when you think I display hatred….you are correct of course, if you mean hatred of terrorists, terrorism, Sinn Fein / IRA, all other Republican terrorist scum and the various Loyalists terrorists who disgrace their supposed Protestantism.

    Other than the above, I have no hatred whatsoever

  • RepublicanStones

    William you must have missed my post @ 09:25 PM !

  • Perhaps the coninuing rancor between the protagonists during The Troubles can be reduced a bit by noting that today, December 6th, is the 24th anniversary of the SAS ambush killing of IRA volunters Daniel Doherty and William Fleming in Derry – what was in reprisal for the Brighton bombing of Thatcher’s Conservative Party leadership two months earlier.

    If the people in Northern Ireland cannot learn not to loathe one another, they will never learn to live in peace with one another.

  • William

    Ford…..please note that William Fleming was part of a well-known Gobnascale, Londonderry IRA family and was shot in the grounds of Gransha Hospital, as he was on his way [as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle] to shoot a groundsman at the hospital, who was also a part-time member of the UDR. Fleming was not shot as a reprisal for anything….he was shot before he could shoot the UDR member.

    It is worth noting that his brother Paul, together with an IRA terrorist called O’Neill left a bombe in a dustbin [garbage can for you Trowbridge] which killed an old man called Shotter and seriously injured his daughter-in-law, who lost a leg.

    That old man’s son, Derek Shotter, whose wife lost the leg was one of the INLA bomb team who planted the bombs at the Dropping Well bar in Ballykelly, 26 years ago today [6th December], which killed eleven soldiers of the Royal Cheshire Regiment and six civilians, including the owner’s daughter, Patricia Cooke, a Roman Catholic.

    So Trowbridge, don’t worry about the life of William Fleming….he lived by the sword and he died by it [it was a ‘war’ didn’t Sinn Fein / IRA tell us?]….those poor folk in the Dropping Well Bar were innocent victims….Fleming wasn’t. I’m sure he’s rotted in hell years ago !

    Incidentally Paul and his sister Lynn are both Councillors on ‘Derry City Council….terrorists in suits deliving verdicts for the decent folk of the city….democracy often throws up bad results!

  • ??

    2. There is nothing cheap about murder. The scum that did this should be in their graves after being strung up, not government.
    Posted by Half Pint on Dec 05, 2008 @ 03:29 PM

    IS this a campaign promise from Jim Allister? How is he going to achieve it?

  • While spewing your hatred, William, you might at least get your facts straight, starting with the actual SAS ambush over a two-week period, inquest which followed, and ending up with when the Droopin Well Bar bombing actually occurred.

    Wasn’t it Einstein who said that people who ignore the consequences of their misguided ideas are doomed to repeat them?

    And the mess in N. I. isn’t my problem, as I am soon out of this most misguided world – it’s yours!

  • edward


    Atleast its a real email address something you havent the stones for

    Don’t start a flame war you will only get burnt

  • Harry Flashman

    Trow I very much doubt that the ambush of Danny Doherty and William Fleming had anything in the least to do with the Brighton bombing and everything to do with the big fat tout who was operating in Derry at that time, even if Brighton had never have happened Thatcher and the SAS would not have missed up the opportunity to wipe out an IRA ASU that was offered at Gransha.

    However on to the more substantive issue, the murder of Edgar Graham, I mentioned in an earlier thread concerning the anniversary of Enniskillen that we need to perhaps start moving on from these anniversaries and I accept that there is no hierarchy of victims but I have to say I have found some of the comments on this thread by certain Republicans to be quite offensive.

    Edgar Graham was a democratically elected civilian politician, there can be no justification whatsoever for his murder (nor indeed for that matter the murder of Robert Bradford despite this “Christian Zionist” balderdash which has suddenly sprung up almost thirty years after his murder as some form of post facto justification for blatant political murder).

    Edgar Graham, like Ian Gow later, was murdered by the IRA for daring to have political opinions that they didn’t like, his murder was a cold blooded sectarian assasination, bear this fact in mind when Republicans tell you that the IRA did not indulge in sectarian murder.

    They did, Edgar Graham was a victim of IRA sectarianism, pure and simple.

  • Shirley McGuffin
    Here is Wikipedia on these two martyrs for democracy. There are good quotes from FAIR, Ian Paisley and other democrats praising them.
    And there is no talk of the Christian Zionism slurs.
    Lest we forget.

  • Well, Harry, you can think what you want about the Brighton bombing and the SAS ambush of William Fleming and Daniel Doherty not being connected, but Father Murray does in The SAS in Ireland (p. 314), comparing the ambush to the ones which occurred after the assassination of Airey Neave.

    And you must realize that I consider the good Father a better source than you.

    As for what you say about moving on, I endorse it completely, as I hope I have shown, ever since I came on this site. I am feed up to the gills about all this continuing commemoration of death and destruction.

    The Provost of Columbia University recently asked me to attend an unveilling of a plague, noting all the graduates who had been killed in WWII, and I told him to forget in no uncertain terms. I’m sick of all this memorialing murder.

    As for the murders of Graham and Bradford, just senseless blowback by republicans for Operation Ranc.

    I do see a difference in the killing of Ian Gow, though. It drove a fatal stake through Mad Maggie’s government. For him to be killed while she was bending over backwards to achieve a negotiated settlement with the Provisionals sounded her death knell.

  • Sorry, meant plaque, not plague.

    The only other time I made this mistake was when I wrote a cut line for a picture in a sport section I edited for a weekly newspaper, noting the plague that two bowlers had received for their exploits on the lanes.

  • George Seawright

    What about me?

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    ‘Mr Paisley said: “If anything has come out of his death it is that today Northern Ireland is a different place because of people like him.

    “When I am giving tours of Stormont I always stop at the plaque to Edgar Graham. On one occasion this woman put her hand on my arm and said to me she was his mother.’