Mixed message on apathy?

Apathy by one measure – on the other hand…

there has been an unprecedented, 3000% increase, in the number of 17 year olds registering… according to the Chief Electoral Office. “The numbers have risen from 244 last year to 7,738.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    The figures for registration of new voters for West Belfast are pretty incredible – with 1550 11 year olds (in 2001) yielding only 159 new voters and the corresponding figures for Foyle are 1819 and 1793. WTF?

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    Why? It is a state database, true democracy is not voting, the people do not have actionable will, and elections are just a form of preemptive crowd control, why is it a good idea?

    If I have a complaint about Slugger, it is that the default position has democracy as a ‘good thing’ or ‘normal’.