Why can’t I see the Bertie Ahern series?

Mick’s post involving access to RTE’s Questions and Answers reminds me how I disappointed I was after settling down to watch the first on the three parter doc series on Bertie. To be greeted by the caption after the ad:

We’re sorry but this programme is only available to play in the Republic of Ireland.”

News and Current Affairs yes, but a big doc series of wide interest, no, it seems. When I responded to RTE’s invitation to go their info site for an explanation, I got a “not found” then ” temporarily unavailable”. I know that complex and expensive rights costs and broadband width issues are involved as is fairness to licence fee payers. But at a time when the BBC not only run the hugely successful iPlayer and are about to stream BBC 1 and BBC 2 on the web, which makes it harder and harder to trace licence fee defaulters, it would be great if RTE caught up a bit.