Even the Republic’s retailers are heading north…

For many years the border has cast a gloomy economic shadow by turns on either side. For a long time, towns on the northern side of the border have suffered economically. Letterkenny prospered at Derry’s expense. And Dundalk at Newry’s. In fact the shoe has been on the other foot for some time now, but it has only recently become a major issue in the Republic since the global credit crunch has fouled up the steady flow of FDI, and tax revenues have plummeted. Now it’s eating into the supply chain, the unpatriotic flow of shoppers out of Ireland the Republic into Northern Ireland may only be the tip of the iceberg… If you missed it last week, try and catch last week’s Question and Answers

PS: Suzy wants to know why Tesco is whacking it’s prices upwards..

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