“We don’t believe that it’s escaped the overall payload enclosure..”

At the risk of disappointing Alan in Belfast, I don’t have a longer comment to add.. Apart from pointing out that, in relation to the current apparently vexed Space Shuttle mission STS-126, the BBC headline noted here now seems somewhat premature. Nasa – One of our spiders is missing, and the other one is confused..

  • McGrath

    The spider was obviously in the tool bag. Her fear of spiders is why she dropped the bag in the first place. Looks like the husband is off the hook thanks to some clever bloggers.

  • susan

    “One is missing, the other one is confused.”

    Well, if that doesn’t take you back.

    A spider’s skill at spinning its web is so obviously affected by different drugs that NASA scientists think spiders could replace other animals in testing the toxicity of chemicals.

    The more toxic the chemical, the more deformed the web. NASA researchers think that with help from a computer program they can quantify this effect to produce an accurate test for toxicity.

    If you care about spiders, if you care about drugs, if you care about spiders on drugs —


  • McGrath


    NASA “think” about lots of things, it doesn’t mean there is any logic to their though process. They have a budget so enormous that the “thought” of sticking a straw up a frogs arse and blowing just to see what happens, has probably conviened several meetings so far.

    The NASA budget is going to come under more intense scrutiny in the next year, losing tool bags and spiders in only cause for congress to start asking harder questions.

  • cynic

    Have they considered looking inside the other spider?

    It’s been a long trip, she was confused, there was nothing to do, he was doing her head in ……..

  • Why didn’t I think of the spider-in-the-toolbox gag? The current Shuttle mission may be stressed, but just imagine if Stormont had a Department of Space …

  • susan

    lol, cynic. Nice one.

    Thanks for your insights, McGrath. Most would have twigged I was something less than serious somewhere between “if you care about spiders on drugs,” and seeing the eencey weencey alcohol tester spider served with an eencey weencey restraining order.

  • edward

    NASA has doomed us all soon we will be ruled by giant mutant space spider overlords.

    Spare me my giant arachnid overlord and I will serve you for life!!!!