Sergeant quits more gracefully than he danced

Well done John, absolutely the right decision. Your PR has been brilliant throughout.

“If the joke wears thin, if in fact people begin to take it very seriously, and if people really are getting so wound up that it’s very difficult to carry off the joke, then I think it is time to go.”

…even though it leaves the Beeb with another problem to do with phoning in…..

BBC One controller Jay Hunt told journalists the BBC had “every intention of reimbursing people” who had voted for Sergeant during the series. Why didn’t they have a hedge for withdrawal in the rules?

It’s ok Jay, I don’t want my money back. Give it to charity for God’s sake. And after yet another BBC hiccup – Jonathan’s coming back after all

Adds.. Another old mate’s footnote: “the vote for John Sergeant has been a genteel but gigantic two-fingered salute to the Widow Twanky gang now running the BBC. ” Doh Bob, that’s a bit rude from a frequent freelance who was one of the journalist liberators of Port Stanley.. (enough old mates for now Brian-Ed)