The good and the bad news

Last week £180m was confirmed for health infrastructure in the Greater Belfast area by Michael McGimpsey with the pledge that:

“I will invest funds where improved health and social care services are most needed,”

This morning there was a protest at Stormont after the minister confirmed that a new maternity hospital will not be built at the Royal until 2017.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    In the last budget he was gave £728 million to spend in the next three years on capital projects. Every pound of that is already accounted for.

    Therefore the only way a hospital could be built is if Nigel Dodd’s gave him the required £400 million to build a new hospital.

    Therefore I don’t really understand how you can have a swipe at McGimpsey when it is quite obviously Dodd’s that could make it happen.

  • We Americans are going to presented with the opportunity to completely re-tool our broken health care system within the time window created by this economic meltdown and the election of Barack Obama. I was wondering if any of you intelligent Irish men and ladies had any feedback on the pros and cons of your own health care system, any ideas we might borrow or leave alone? Who knows maybe a healthy America might be able to afford some of your irish services in the future. Please respond to my blog at

  • autocue

    Also, he’s hailing this capital investment whilst at the same time he’s closing old folks homes.