Crunch hits the Independent hardest

Sweeping job cuts at the Independent in London mean Tony O’Reilly is committed to the two titles, says media guru Roy Greenslade. Otherwise, he’d sell the youngest, smallest and most expensive of the English quality papers. The Belfast Telegraph is more than ever relied on take the company into very modest profit, offsetting the Indy’s losses, not always to the delight of the Bel Tel staff.

The Independent is loss-making but has been backed by profits generated by the Belfast Telegraph. As advertising revenue slows at the Northern Ireland paper, The Independent’s losses have become more critical.

Other heavies, the Times and the Guardian make even bigger losses but are supported by bigger companies, especially the Times of course. Cuts in Trinity Mirror eat into the regional press. No news yet of fresh cuts in the Republic’s press apart from shamrock editions of the Mail, but can these be long delayed? All papers will be quaking at the prospect of dramatically falling advertising. If ads and revenue generally fell with circulation during boom time, what’s going to hit them now?

  • Citizen Kane

    I can’t believe the Tele’s downward trajectory. Even the Evening Standard is better. Apart from the messiness re. downmarket stuff in a broadsheet format, the Tele now relies a lot on Indy hacks for its op-ed pages, hacks whose leftist London metropolitanism has bugger all to do with anyone in NI.

    By contrast, the News Letter looks the better paper, with good columnists who are actually local. The sooner someone takes the Tele away from O’Reilly the better.

    Of course, Slugger is better than both …

  • Elvis Parker

    I notice the Daily Mail and other UK papers selling more and more here – anyone know if there are any figures available

  • Comrade Stalin

    Citizen Kane, the Tele has always been like that. I can remember the “here’s a picture of a lovely young lady in a bikini for no readily apparent reason”, and the description of any female celebrity as “stunning” or “bombshell” at least 15 years ago.

    By the way, it isn’t a broadsheet anymore. At least, not any time I have seen it recently.

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    Sir Anthony will be very disappointed!

    Job cuts at the Irish Times as well due to decrease in advertising revenue.

    Hard Times ahead for all, so says Studs Terkel!