“It was all supposed to be hush-hush so don’t tell anyone.”

Next week the First and deputy First Ministers will be questioned by the Assembly and Executive Review Committee in closed session about that letter of agreement, but today Ken Reid tells us they were meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 10 Downing St. As Ken Reid says, “It was all supposed to be hush-hush so don’t tell anyone.” My lips are sealed, Ken.

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  • Ok.
    we’ll keep schtum on that one :0)

  • Pete Baker

    Glad to hear it, Phil. ;o)

  • [aside]Remember, Remember the 5th of November:

    05 November 2008 – Murphy-Regional Development Stragety blueprint for growth

    It’s a tradegy ….

  • Pete Baker


    I’d appreciate it if you’d focus your comments on the actual topic.

    There’s enough to discuss there without the asides distractions.

  • joeCanuck

    There’s enough to discuss there..


  • Pete, I appreciated Ken’s ‘aside’ and I’m sure he’d appreciate mine. You’ve leapt from the laughter to the po-faced too easily. Chill. It’s after midnight.

  • Pete Baker


    Try to keep to the actual topic in the original post.

    I’ll only ask, politely, so many times.

  • Pete, just because I didn’t laugh at your joke …

    Questioned by the Assembly? Hmmm. Now that can be an embarrassing experience to watch so the closed session may be a blessing in disguise.

    A closed session also permits a free and frank exchange of views; there’s no need to play to the peanut gallery so a positive outcome might be more likely. If they can ‘unimpale’ themselves so much the better.