UDA ‘Ready for Battle’

Fresh from their display of solidarity with parading British soldiers last week, the UDA has declared itself ‘ready for battle’ whilst accusing republicans of being ‘racist, ignorant and bigoted’ (Carlsberg don’t do irony, but if they did…..)

The UPRG’s Frankie Gallagher elaborated upon the ‘battle’ declaration by stating that it meant “to do battle in terms of social economy, in terms of bringing jobs into Protestant communities, in terms of unionist unity,” he said.

Which raises more questions than it answers. How does the UDA plan to ‘battle’ to bring jobs into protestant communities? Should businessmen/ women feel anxious about facing repercussions if they choose to locate business premises in areas which the UDA deem as not ‘protestant?’ Is this statement linked to loyalist agitation at interfaces in Belfast in recent days or with events elsewhere?