Orange Volunteers claim responsibility for GAA Hall attack

The news that a loyalist organisation has claimed responsibility for burning down a GAA Hall in County Tyrone may not be surprising (though it’s obviously depressing.) However, the fact that the attack has been claimed by the Orange Volunteers would suggest that the organisation which has largely restricted its violent activities to Stoneyford village (County Antrim) in recent years is now intent on once again expanding its campaign.

  • Mark McGregor

    Strange. I’ve followed this group from inception through peak and decline and they never, ever made it anywhere near Tyrone.

    Flag of convenience?

  • Very bad news. Clearly there has been an ongoing tit for tat campaign in parts of the countryside that has accelerated over the past few weeks. I know Mick certainly was tracking this type of behaviour. Is he still doing it? I heard Duncan Morrow say there are 30 sectarian incidents a week reported to the police. These types of incident need more attention than they are given.

  • William

    Anyone can claim anything….I don’t think there was ever any such organisation as the ‘Orange Volunteers’ – Just the figment of some misguided Loyalist’s fertile mind. Any fool could have set this GAA clubhouse alight, a similar fool to those who have recently burned an Orange hall and tried to chainsaw their way into an other one the same night.


  • The arrest and conviction of several people with pipe bombs following a pipe bombing campaign suggests that the Orange Volunteers were much more than a figment of anyone’s imagination.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Possibly, but less likely if a recognised code word was used from their earlier ‘campaigning days’. That may not be the case.

    While I understand your sentiments, Garibaldy is right in pointing to concrete evidence as to the existence of this organisation.

  • Mark McGregor

    The OV’s at one point had a website, when Stoneyford rioting Orangeman Mark Harbison jumped bailed the site owner often posted about how he was hiding out in Scotland. Then Harbison came back from Scotland, got lifted and didn’t face any charges.

    This week we find out that the RUC left a file on his activities under a pile of papers so long (a couple of months) that the CPS have decided the case has lapsed – how does that work?

    If the OV’s are back on the scene and expanding just as members of the TUV that have stood behind assumed members take the patform at that party’s conference…well..make your own sums.


    What’s going on in Stoneyford needs to be brought up at Government level. It is very disturbing as many of us believe that PSNI/MI5 agents are being allowed to operate in the safe knowledge that they are being protected. The attacks on Orange halls and GAA clubs are disgusting and I think the police have a fair idea who is doing all this. In the absence of a political system that is seen to be working these headbangers will thrive as they need the oxygen of divisiveness and sectarianism to survive. I don’t like what the Orange Order stands for but setting their halls on fire is a damn disgrace. There is no doubt that Orange halls and GAA rooms provide a social service far outside their own beliefs and needs. Pensioners and children and family groups, particularly in rural areas, often use these facilities as there is nowhere else. Shocking, Sir Hugh it’s time your force got some results on all of this AND if people ARE being protected let us know. We are NOT fools!

  • Ri Na Deise

    Attacking community facilities in such a cowardly way is a vile and despicable act. This goes for everything from GAA clubs to Orange halls,churches etc. I know what type of ‘justice’ Id impose on these cretins.

  • British Barry

    Good for them!


    “Good for them”? Who was that directed to? Expand please!

  • Ri Na Deise

    Id say ye could guess that from the username.



    I thought that and if so the Slugger MODS should remove British Barry’s remark. If Good For Them is in praise of the OV’s then it is very offensive. I take it there are still certain standards on Slugger?

  • edward

    Just the figment of some misguided Loyalist’s fertile mind. Any fool could have set this GAA clubhouse alight, a similar fool to those who have recently burned an Orange hall and tried to chainsaw their way into an other one the same night.


    text book definition of how oonionists deal with their terrorists

    a they aren’t really terrorists

    b they are just reacting to provocation

    c they aren’t really oonionists

    d they aren’t as bad as themums

    e all of the above

    Answer e

  • Shades40

    Second GAA club damaged by fire
    Fire crew

    There has been a fire at GAA premises in Cookstown in County Tyrone

  • Peter Brown

    I’m assuming BB is a troll from his email address – don’t feed him

  • JokerN

    Regardless of who is starting the fires, I think it would be positive to see representatives of the GAA and Orange order on the same stage, side by side condemning them.
    (if they havent done so already).

    Even some sort of token gesture on behalf of the OO (a cheque perhaps) would be a start. The statement from the OO about attacks on ‘community halls’ sounded a bit mean.

    Starve these idiots of any sort of recognition and support of the communities they think they represent.

  • niall


    The GAA is a different beast than the OO although many in NI would like to drag the GAA into centre stage in the sectarian dogfight.

    Indeed there are those on both sides who feed on it.

  • JokerN

    I know that both organisations are different – apples and oranges.
    Just thought that if the OO wants to rise above the bowler hatted bigots image they’re happy to have then this is the time.

    Both organisations have these halls that are genuinely used for all sorts of functions by their respective community members.
    Sadly, some members of these communities see GAA/OO halls as the enemy.

    It would be nice to see some pragmatism from both sides before it gets out of hand and someone is injured/killed.

  • Why can’t folks be allowed to live, celebrate and commemorate in peace? Why is it necessary to keep pulling off the scab?

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    These tit for tit arson attacks are rediculous! It has to be noted that the GAA halls are far more affluent in comparison to the Orange Halls. Orange Halls tend to be modest little structures as seen last week when one little prefab corrugated tin hall was attacked by arsonists! Very sad really to think that someone saw it fit to burn it down. With these tit for tit arson attacks the GAA and the Nationalist community have far more to lose considering the that GAA halls are far better furnished and fitted out! All the perpetrators need a good clip round the ear from their Ma’s and Da’s, for being the vandals that they are!

  • RepublicanStones

    I can’t believe Im about to do this. But I have to agree with the Third Proclaimer and what he said today. Having mentioned on an earlier thread a few months back about how these vandalized buldings usually rise like phoenix from the flames better equipped and furnished than before they were damaged. I can only agree with Mr Campbell and his reiteration of exactly this point today. The brain farts who carry out such stupid acts don’t think 2 hrs ahead never mind 2 months or years when these building should be rightly better and more impressive than before when these eejits ran out of their buckfast and were down to their last regal filter and decided to have some fun.

  • Big Maggie


    Good post but I feel I have to comment on your use of language as in ‘These tit for tit arson attacks are rediculous!’ It’s actually tit for tat. I should know being the possessor of a couple of the former myself. If in doubt remember the old rhyme:

    A woman gave birth to triplets
    And named them Matt, Pat and Tat.
    When feeding time came
    Matt and Pat got the same,
    But alas there was no tit for Tat.

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    ha ha ….aye Big Maggie,

    It was a Freudian slip of sorts!