SNP’s onward march suffers huge check

“The SNP were unable to explain how an independent Scotland would be better able to combat recession going it alone.” This was the high road interpretation of Labour’s huge psychological victory at Glenrothes from Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy. It was the first time ever that a government was able to fight another government as an opposition and that opposition/government to general amazement lost the game when the music stopped. The London-based unionist press led by the Times and the Telegraph rolled the drums for Gordon Brown’s moment of huge relief, although in truth the stakes for him had already lowered. The equally unionist but staider local press picked at very sore local issues indeed.

(SNP –controlled) Fife Council, where home-care charges had risen from to £11 an hour while £51 was being charged for home alarms which had previously been free to those needing them and shopping deliveries, previously free, now cost £7.

A big plus for Gordon Brown and a rare minus for Alex Salmond, not a decider for either of them. But faced with the prospects of see-sawing results over the next couple of years, Salmond’s timetable for a 2010 referendum on independence now looks badly out of kilter.

  • ggn

    I dont think that the SNP in Gleann Ràthais will be overly dissapointed frnakly, having greatly increased their vote.

    I think the media hype these things up to create the impression of meltdown after the result.

    Similar to the last Dáil elections, where the media hyped ‘the rise of Sinn Féin’ to the hilt, all the while Sinn Féin figures were saying they did not expect a dramatic rise, in the end Sinn Féin did get alot more votes, but lost a seat and certainely did not live up to the hype – allowing the media to present the election as a great defeat for SF.

    As I said, the SNP will not be a dissapointed as some commentators would suggest methinks.

  • DC

    Balls, even the Bookies called it in the SNP’s favour they will be deeply disappointed. what do expect when you hold up Iceland as comparator country on which Scotland should mould itself; only for it to go bust.

    Same with Adams down south last year, he was shite at economics, the voters smelt the bullshit and said no thanks.

    Now would you like some red sauce on your flag too?

  • runciter

    Same with Adams down south last year, he was shite at economics

    As somebody on this board pointed out recently, that particular criticism rings hollow given recent events.

  • DC

    No it rings hollow for those that use flaws in the global capital system to override or mask an ignorance of economics itself that Adams clearly holds.

    Nice try though.