Obama tartan

The shadow of Obama stretches even to Glenrothes, where they vote in the by-election on Thursday.
Reports the Scotsman: “In the last few days, the SNP will deploy the positive, upbeat, optimistic election slogan that we first devised in 1997 – ‘Yes we can’. (So that Obama pinched our best line, see).

Politics can be so peculiar. Gordon Brown have been campaigning there in his own backyard, in between jaunts to save the world from slump. He wouldn’t have dared show his face if his job had still been on the line.

Labour’s loose canon John Prescott fresh from the mixed reviews of Prescott on Class is being drafted in, putting Labour fortunes at the mercy of anybody who wants to take a swing at him. Whatever the gimmicks, Iain McWhirter still thinks Labour will lose. Glenrothes “is not a referendum on independence”