Brown backs RIR parade

Gordon Brown strongly backs the RIR parade and the devolution of policing and justice. This suggests it won’t be scaled down – just in case anybody thought it might be.

Mr. Peter Robinson (Belfast, East) (DUP): Will the Prime Minister join me in welcoming the decision by the Army to organise a homecoming parade in the city of Belfast? ŅWill he urge everyone to do nothing to drag us back to the bad old days?

The Prime Minister: I want every Sunday to be a peaceful Sunday in Northern Ireland…..
“…. and I want us to work together to ensure that we can undertake the remaining stages of the devolution that will make stability for the longer term possible. I also agree with the right hon. Gentleman that the troops in our armed forces deserve the support of every community from which they come. Where there have been parades in the different cities and towns of this country, not only have they been peaceful but large numbers of people have turned out because they want to give support to our troops and show them that they have the confidence of the British people. I want that to be a feature of our life in every part of the United Kingdom for many years to come.”