No need for new “Britishness”

Dropping “British Day” is a relief because of the pointless controversy it would have created. Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day are commemorations enough. The move marks a gradual retreat from the more vacuous notions of trying to market ideas of nationality and common bonds that run far deeper than today’s politics. The Constitution Unit goes further and recommends an end to attempts to stick neo-patriotic labels onto values common to most democracies including the UK and Ireland: “It is not necessary first to have a debate about a British statement of values. At best that will be a distraction; at worst it could prove an impenetrable thicket, from which the government will never emerge”.

Instead we should work towards improving the institutions that should work better for us all. The nest stage is for the British Government to drop calling it a British” Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. The penny has to drop that the overall Bill has to be compatible with NI and Scottish ideas for their own Bills of Rights and calling the Westminster version “British” doesn’t help.

  • It’s got nothing to do with ‘pointless controversy’. It’s got to do with engineering from top down something which must instead be nurtured from the roots up.

  • Dec

    It’s got to do with engineering from top down something which must instead be nurtured from the roots up.

    Yeah, dream on. It had everything to do with Gordon Brown( the one man in Britain who’s privately pleased there’s a recession)attemting to endear himself to the English public. It had the opposite effect hence the quiet dropping of the entire shambles.

  • RepublicanStones

    Perhaps Mr Brown would be better off trying to engineer an expansion day, instead of this type of nonsense.

  • … something which must instead be nurtured from the roots up.

    Northern Ireland, of course, being an exception. It is the only place where a significant portion of the population consciously attempts a form of ‘grass-roots’ Britishness. And, by doing so, completely alienates the other 45% of the population. Maybe Brown’s slightly artificial version would be less divisive? Either way, I hope both versions fail.

  • OC

    Do the citizens of the Isle Of Man consider themselves British?

  • Yvette Doll

    So are we are going to be told that watching ‘Zulu’ is wrong?

    When HMS Cumberland became a venture in Satanism, it was Catholics that cleansed the ship and lifted a global closure of ports.

    (surprisingly Africa, Asia, dark receeses of this planet, they’re quite conservative)

    The reason for our rescue role, is Anglicanism is barely taken seriously in Asia and Africa by Anglicans, and that only the real deal was going to do a fix.
    I put it to you this way, celebrating having noodles for brains, isn’t British, it’s Blairite.

    Yvette Doll

  • Yvette Doll
    What’s up with the Type 22 frigate?
    Isn’t that H M S Pinafore you are talking about?
    Asia is less conservative than N I.

    O C
    The I o M is a diocese of the Church of England.

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    Dunno why NI Unionists aren’t getting a petition going to protest to their PM about this!
    Any endorsement of a sense ‘Britishness’ has to be a must for all folk who view themselves as British, moreso the NI British Unionists, who are perhaps more ‘British’ than the British people themselves in Britain.

  • British Day idea ‘is still alive’ according to the BBC.

  • Gregory Carlin

    “What’s up with the Type 22 frigate? ”

    I destroyed all my crib notes on ship classes, prior to an excursion to Twinbrook, if one is captured with sensitive MOD documents, well, it can be unpleasant,

    A ROYAL Navy frigate commander who agreed to let a member of his crew practise Satanism on board the ship yesterday won the full support of the Ministry of Defence.

    Captain Russell Best, commanding officer of HMS Cumberland, a Type 22 frigate, officially recognised Leading Hand Chris Cranmer, 24, as a Devil-worshipping member of his complement after full consultation with the ship’s chaplain, the MoD said.

    They changed their mind as the ports closed.