A Sylvia problem?

Liam Clarke claims that the UUP’s sole sitting MP Sylvia Hermon has:

“… made it crystal clear that she will neither take the Tory whip nor stand aside for another candidate.”

He argues that the UUP/Tory talks on marriage/f*ck buddies/good friends must be in serious trouble if Sir Reg Empey says:

“…some people thought the Ulster Unionist Party was left at the side of the road for dead. Well we are not dead and we have these talks going on. If they work, they work, if they don’t, they don’t,”

He believes Sylvia’s seat is safe regardless of developments given North Down’s independent streak but that the Tory link may be important to keeping the Ulster Unionist MEP seat.
UPDATE: Chekov’s full thoughts on the Liam Clarke article.