Obama gives Ireland his full attention (not)

What a glorious piece of parochialism from Irish Voice:
“With less than a month to the presidential election, the question of where Senator Barack Obama stands on Irish issues is still up in the air.”

This almost reaches the level of the famous Skibbereen Eagle headline: ” Skibbereen has its eye of the Czar.”

We recall the row over the (non) appointment of a special envoy.. The penny must surely have dropped by now that such interventions are tokenism.

Bertie Ahern in his own fuzzy way tried to warn them to lower expectations. Obama and McCain are clearly just going through the motions, protecting their backs. The old tricks are till turning : “Like many of us, Obama and Biden come from Irish stock. Senator Obama’s great, great, great grandfather on his mother’s side set sail from Co. Offaly in 1850, arriving in New York and eventually settling in Ohio.”

But the old magic just doesn’t work the same any more.