No TUV Pact – Empey

Sir Reg Empey has denied that the UUP has made an electoral pact with the TUV:

“With the European election, as the next scheduled election, coming up in June, we agreed on the priority of retaining two unionist representatives in Europe. This should be the overriding priority of all unionists in respect of this election. Such is only attainable by full utilisation of transfers between the unionist candidates.”

He said the UUP intended to meet with the DUP about how to maximise the Unionist vote. Alliance’s Stephen Farry attacked the UUP for the inconsistency in its approach to politics:

“Some days they seem to want to reinvent the party as a moderate, constructive movement. On other days they seem intent in reinforcing the most reactionary and backwoods voices in this society,”

Sir Reg has also commenced a series of briefings on the UUP/Tory merger/alliance talks for UUP party members.
UPDATE Ignited gives his perspective on the meeting and Chekov on the confusion it prompted.