“the right to have access to safe and legal abortion..”

Mick’s note on the Brit Blog Round Up, and the use there of a quote, from the comments zone here, on Hazel Blears’ discomforture on Hearts and Minds last week..

“Anyone who saw Hazel Blears’ discomfiture when asked about her voting intentions on Hearts and Minds can see the problem facing many Labour MPs, especially women like Blears, Harman, Hewitt etc. who made their names as women’s rights activists and are now being asked to say they believe a woman’s right to choose is a fundamental right for women in Scotland, England and Wales but not NI. Some will abstain and that may lose us the vote, but it is a free vote and many will vote with their consciences despite what Gordon brown is saying to them.”

.. reminded me that I posted the full interview on YouTube [Part 1 and Part 2]. That “discomforture” is worth highlighting.

It’s a discomforture which might suggest the briefest of victories ahead with the first amendment to the Embryology Bill being passed, only to be curtailed by the second. Thereby allowing Labour MPs to claim a clear conscience on the issue whilst placing any decision on the “right to have access to safe and legal abortion” back in the hands of our local legislators administrators.. where it’s been stagnating for some time..