Gordon Brown’s eyesight causing concern

The Sunday Telegraph has broken a long suspected story which could alter the shape of politics in the medium term as much anything else. For such a workaholic to cope with failing eyesight must be a terrible strain.

  • Rory

    Leave it out, Brian. It’s bad enough with the reinstatement of Baron Stoneybroke (or whatever title Mandy has adopted) we don’t want bloody Blunket brought back as well for a helpmate.

  • Eoin

    This is probably stating the bleedin obvious, but why doesn’t he not just wear some spectacles?!

  • Ann

    This isn’t the story I read earlier in the week, which had the (blogging) nation crying into their beer, in which he mentioned the loss of a child, and the fact that one of his other children has cystic fibrosis. As I said else where it really is bad when people must put their private life on show, its sooooo American, not the British way at all.

    Of course now everyone is re-thinking his premiership in the light of this new information. Well maybe he’s not as bad as we thought and how very grand of him to push on with such an infirmity.

    So the man who wouldn’t use his children as props – used his children as props, and now the poor fella has failing sight. Well then its a private and personal choice for him to either stay in politics or leave. He pushed hard enough to get the job, failed to offer the electorate a say as to whether or not we wanted him, and now we should all feel sorry for him…well sorry.

  • Brian Walker

    Fair enough Ann and I can see how the story might be pushed to win him sympathy. Personally, I doubt whether he himself would do that. And to be even fairer, I doubt whether a serious eyesight problem strengthens his position once the first wave of sympathy is over. If things go badly for him politically over the next years, it could provide a dignified pretext, or indeed a reason, for his resignation.

  • Dewi

    Brian – you know more than anyone that Brown is a ruthless political operator. Politics is a dirty game but I have never witnessed such a self-obsessed bloke in my life. I honestly think he’s not all there – laughing his way through the biggest financial crisis since the thirties ain’t clever or indeed sane. If the eyesight thing is an excuse to be rid then good – I’d hate the Tories back.

  • Ann

    I don’t think he’s looking to resign, he’s cut the lead in the polls that the conservatives had over him in half due to the success of the plan, which has been described as too clever by half. Most likely the construct of the war cabinet, or someone else, its hardly Browns, but he’s riding on the success of it non the less.

    I think this story coming out now, is to cut that conservative lead even further, reducing it probably by 2/3rds rather than by fifty percent.

    Theres no other reason for bringing this story out now, though Isuspect this story is written on the back of the interview he gave earlier in the week..

  • Ann

    Indeed Browns personal rating is up.

    Brown’s personal rating, while still in negative territory on minus 34%, shows an improvement of 19 points since last month and is the highest since March.

    and of the crisis on Labours performance against the tories :

    People are increasingly worried about how the financial crisis will affect them, the latest YouGov poll for The Sunday Times shows. But the poll, of more than 1,900 people, also shows that the crisis is bringing political benefits for Gordon Brown.

    The Conservative lead over Labour has halved from 19% to 10% over the past month. Labour is up seven points to 33%, its best showing since January, while the Tories are down three on 43%. The Liberal Democrats are two points down on 14%.

    Thisis most likely the reason the personal story of Brown is coming out now.

    Not really resignation.

  • Henry94

    Any short term boost for a governemt at the start of the crisis will evaporate as it takes hold in people’s lives. Right now we are worried about the future. When we are worried abourt the present political life will take a turn for the interesting. One of the first safety valves will be a change of government.

  • Rory

    If the UK electorate vote en masse to place their “X” beside the name of a Tory candidate it will be they who need their bloody eyesight looked at. The mass failure of memory that such an event would indicate might also suggest a sort of national collective Alzheimer’s for which, alas, there is no known cure.