Skibunny to end

Arggh! Nevermind Executive stalemate, Presidential elections, or the financial apocalypse, my Saturday nights have just been ruined. The legendary Skibunny club in Auntie Annies is to end after 11 years on 1 November. Easily the best playlist in Belfast and an excellent vibe is to be no more. I must have discovered more new music off the back of it in the last 6 months than from anywhere else. One offs are promised, but it won’t be the same. Gutted.

But, really, it’s a good news story; international success and a new band have squeezed out the club:

In the last 12 months SKIBUNNY have DJ’d and played everywhere from Siberia to Glastonbury, from New York to Osaka – so we just don’t have the time to be able to run the club ourselves alongside everything else. Now that we have a UK booking agent as well we just feel that we cant give 100% of our time to the club, and if we haven’t the time to DJ at the nights then there’s no point in calling those events ‘Skibunny’ nights.’

Good luck to Mark and Tanya, and hopefully they’ll continue to promote some bands around Belfast as they’ve done in the past. For the curious, check out the MySpace page, and the mixtape on the website.

  • RepublicanStones

    Spent a few sweaty nights in there myself, after graduating from the slimeshite. If the once offs are anywhere near as much craic as Vicos ones, they should be good steam.

  • maybe your mixing this up with Bebo?

  • Kensei

    I thought the sign said “Notes on Northern Ireland politics & culture“. Long running and successful club moves onto better things, so I thanked them for service and gave a plug.

    Apparently I have mixed this place up with Bebo, given the quality of the comments.

    Thanks for playing, try again some time.

  • RepublicanStones

    Any word on what might replace Skibunny Kensei?

  • Gav

    Aww *tear*

    Oh well, at least we don’t have to hear Tanya’s weekly f***up and subsequent 20 seconds of dead air anymore.

  • Kensei

    Haven’t heard anything yet. I’ll be there on the last night, at least, so if there is anything I’ll update the thread. Bound to be something, given it’s hard to see Auntie Annies without a Saturday night club, but it’s probably pot luck on the type of music.

    Tthe BBC Across The Line website is very good for this type of local news, and for having good gig listings:

    Do you know of anywhere else decent? Just been the Limelight (despite being waaaaaay too old for that these days, and I swear last Friday the DJ forgot his records and only had what he uses for weddings) and Skibunny recently.

  • …sorry that was cheeky.

  • RepublicanStones

    Was at the Slimenight about 6 months ago on a Fri, the single malt makes recollection difficult, even though that was kinda the reason we went. Spring and Airbrake have the odd good band. But the one who does the ironing drags me to the Cathedral quarter the few chances we do get to go out. Whilst its a grand wee area, being a frequent vistior to Temple bar and Eyre square has kind of ruined me for it, not it for me.

  • Gav


    Lavery’s on a saturday night is really good. IMO better than Skibunny and not as many kids on the loose as the limelight

  • Love will tear us apart

    Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before: Ski Bunny was in Brunswick Street for a long time before it staggered, a shadow of its former self, into AA.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Whatever happened to Vico’s after Enzo carked it?

  • Kensei


    (Just about) Too young to have went to the Vico’s nights. But they’ve been in AA’s for almost ten years so that’s good for a stagger!