Kensei is no longer a dirty word

So, I have been elevated from a complete blackout to a top level commentator on site so I thought I better announce myself first. Mwahahahaha. Expect some technical hiccups while I work the blogging software out, and some terrible posts I will not be able to blame on anything else.

On that note, perhaps Mick should consider this for the new blogging software.
Edit: In response the question in the comments – I am a Belfast based Republican with no ties to any party. I am conviction republican with a small ‘r’ and consider myself an Irish patriot. It’s not perfect, but I generally like and am proud of Ireland. In terms of left-right….. a bit left of New Labour but a good bit right of Old Labour, maybe, with a certain amount of pragmatism thrown in. For example, I don’t have any inherent problem with public ownership, if a strong case is made, but generally like markets and take a dim view of people peddling what amounts to Communism. Generally, what I’d like to do here is throw out a few ideas on things within those spheres so smarter people than me can discuss them and come up with better ideas. Hopefully that will come through. I’d generally like to avoid “Look at this bad stuff” type threads, but no doubt some stupid stuff here will break my rage threshold. Oh and I may or may not have lots of time to do this, so don’t expect Walker levels of posts, here.