Speaker censures Ritchie

The Speaker has censured Margaret Ritchie for her references to the Robert McCartney murder during a debate about Environmental Improvement Schemes in the Markets area.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    ……. every time I see Ms Ritchie I think of 50p Currie.


    I hope the next time Ms Ritchie is in debate with the DUP she launches a vitriolic attack on their association with Ulster Resistance and demands to know where the guns that murdered 100’s of innocent people are. I won’t hold my breath. No wonder that Unionists love the SDLP, they do their dirty work for them as the STOOPS spend most of their time attacking the Shinners. I wish they would put a miniscule amount of this energy into demanding that Unionists cease their bigoted stalling nonsense up at Stormont.