“Worse theatre, better politics”

The Guardian’s, always value for money, sketch writer Michael White on BBC NI’s Hearts and Minds with his assessment of the party leaders’ performances at this year’s party conferences.

  • Dewi

    MW is always good value – grew up on his Parliament column in the Guardian – abstract always – which is good. Personally I can’t see a road back for Brown though….

  • Greenflag


    ‘Personally I can’t see a road back for Brown though.’

    White knight on the way back . Mr Mandelson who else can save/sink the ship 🙁

    All is not lost . The English are facing into recession and who knows how that will impact . On the face of it – the opposition should win . This recession may however be different in it’s political impact . Consider the USA where the economic situation is pushing people from the centre to the left . A week is a long time in politics- a year an eternity .

    MW is good, the wry digs at red shoes notwithstanding :).