“Don’t say you weren’t warned..”

OK, so this is probably an over-reaction.. Terrifying? Disturbingly misguided, certainly. As Oliver Burkeman says, “If Obama wins the election, all American citizens will be required to gather in local parks at 6am each morning to serenade their leader in this fashion. Don’t say you weren’t warned.” Indeed. Adds The video, which had been online since the middle of August, has now been pulled. Update But others have reposted it.

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  • latcheeco

    Return of the happy hands club from Napoleon Dynamite. Not as disturbing as God having a witchcraft free plan for Iraq which should dovetail nicely with the imminent rapture.

  • BfB

    AP just reported that Putin has been rushed to the hospital after collapsing following a two hour laughing streak..

    And then there’s this…
    Euro Falls Most Since 2001 Against Dollar as Bailouts Spread
    That’s Bailouts as in Brussells…
    Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) — The euro fell the most against the dollar since 2001 after France and Belgium led a state-backed rescue of Dexia SA, as the widening financial crisis forces governments to prop up financial institutions across Europe.

    As my old friend Scoobie says Ruh Roh…

  • Oilifear

    “The euro fell the most against the dollar since 2001 …”

    Wouldn’t be to f*cking hard! When was the last time the euro fell against the dollar? 2001?

    Back onto topic, having been rushed to Moscow General with a bad case of sudden and uncontrollable shitting myself with laughter, Putin says he’s fine … or at least he was until I told him how the Irish government had guaranteed €500 billion worth of savings! Poor man.

  • latcheeco

    Palin has enough on his hands with Sarah and the Alaskans watching him fly over their maritime border. The doctors said his ticker is ok but his soul just isn’t as transparent as it used to be.

  • latcheeco

    Should of course have said “Putin”

  • susan

    Pete, Pete: That was terrible.

    This, this is sublime:


  • BfB

    Palin instead of Putin……hmmmmmmm

  • BfB


    Putin has a lot more to fear from Palin than that metrosexual Barry. Rumour has it that Vlad has a “Change” patch on his Gi……

  • susan

    Click. Clack. Moo. If Cows Could Type.

    “OH bama…oh, oh, JOE Biden, vicepresendente…”

  • Pete Baker

    “If Cows Could Type.”, indeed susan.

    Somehow I doubt it.

    As I said..

    “Don’t say you weren’t warned.”

  • susan

    I have known a lot of gondoliers, Pietro.

    They are nothing if not earnest.


    Is it just me or are there subliminal messages being sent here? I got lost after the first couple of posts! Anyway, Obama? I wouldn’t get too carried away, once the average American goes into the voting booth the old ‘RACE’ elephant in the room will emerge and McCain will win comfortably. Don’t believe the polls or a word the average Yank on the street says about ‘RACE’ NOT being a factor. As the election gets nearer the Republicans will play it as their ace and it WILL affect the outcome as it will be the ONLY factor. I will stake a few quid on it!

  • BfB

    Ya…RAAACisst bastards, that’s what done him in….
    Not Ayers
    Not Wright
    Not Rezcko
    Not being number TWO in taking fanny may money
    Not gun banning
    Not baby killing
    Not his anti-miltary stance
    Not his Marxist background
    Not his shady protected educational records
    Not that Castro endorses Obama
    Not his Acorn connections
    Not The Woods Fund connections
    And on and on…

    Just the RAAAACISSSST!!
    Funny thing is, he’s not black…
    And the black American community can’t stand him!!!!
    Useful idiot squared…


    Probably fair enough comment BfB on most of the above but try telling that to your average hokey from Miskokey on polling day. It is like good old Norn Iron where for years we pretended we didn’t vote along partisan party lines when in effect we were, and still are, a shower of bigoted hateful bastards. Believe me, RACE will be the ONLY player on election day because the average voter ALWAYS resorts to his or her base fears and prejudices AND this will be confirmed when many go into the booth. The blue collar workers in the Mid West and Southern states will not admit it on camera but race plays a BIG part for them and that’s why Hilary should have been on the ticket. Not nice to say or admit but the truth all the same. However I don’t think the Clintons will be too annoyed when Obama loses because it sets Hilary up as the Democrat nominee for 2012.

  • DC

    Obama, America’s first Black president who delivers change we can believe in:

    A Chinese Marshall Plan, reconciling and reconstructing East with West.

  • steve

    You know pete I begin to despair for your increasingly right wing weird rants and then bfb chimes in and I realize you arent that far over the edge and there may be hopr for you yet

  • BfB

    Well..these days racism is found mostly as a liberal tool for one thing or another. Inner city black people have been indoctrinated in the racist mind set. Main street white people are not racist. Sick and tired of whining, entitled, gimme black people are what they are sick of.. The Mexican worker, who risks his life to get here, works for nothing, and lives in the woods with a smile on his face, has destroyed any liberal racist mantras of why people hire and don’t hire. Do your research, Obama and his goon squad are the only ones who have brought up the race card…. we main stream, older whites, who have sacrificed and settled for less, while watching the welfare state grow in size and sneering disdain of us, don’t look at Obama as black, just a bad man, in many ways. This racist mantra is hurting these knuckleheads, for more than a few blacks that I know….(my generation gets along well, regardless of color)… are off Obama, big time, for this very reason. The silent majority has been shocked into attention by the Palin vitriol, and to be called a racist, when you are not, and never have been, is a deal breaker….. Trust me.


    As I have said BfB, there is no doubt that many of the comments you make are very valid but you still can’t deny that race will NOT play a part in how many Americans vote. I have trawled a few YouTube sites and others and there are voters who are saying they will NOT vote for a black candidate YET who say they may have voted for Hillary Clinton if she had got the Democratic ticket. That is why I am saying that this US election will be close but will ultimately be decided on race. There are those Democrats in the Mid West and South who would have voted for Hillary but won’t vote for Obama because he is black. Even respected US commentators are saying this!

  • that kid looked too cute to be a good singer – did the Obamamaniacs pull a Chinese Olympics bait and switch? 🙂

  • latcheeco

    If Obama’a wife surely is a witch then thank the lordee Palin has her witch hunting preacher on America’s side to deal with her.
    Always was going to be economy versus race: which is worse? At the minute it’s the economy but there’s a long way to go.
    That notwithstanding it sounds like you’re still not over the whole Hilery thing and hoping for a rep. win just so she can get in next time. So it’s not about democrats its just about Clintons? Bill is practically out campaigning for McCant so I’d guess Hilery’s future in the dem party is finished either way. How can you say Bfb makes valid arguements when he says the Mexicans are happily living in the woods with smiles on their faces? But American whites aren’t racist. Nope, no way. And you’re appealing to him for logic in a race discussion? Wise up

  • Henry94

    I think the people who say race will undo the Obama candidacy are just pessimistic Obama fans. There is no reason whatsoever to disbelieve the polls as they stand.

    The only solace for McCain is the large number of undecideds. It could be claimed that if you haven’t fallen for the Obama shtick by now you probably won’t.

    But even with that it’s a big gap to make up so I think an Obama win is certain. The first Black President will be a milestone. I wonder when we’ll see the first Catholic First Minister.

  • 6countyprod

    Looks like the Obama Truth Squad has been in action again. The Obama-kids-exploitation video has been pulled from Youtube, as has the ten minute video exposing the depth of Dem involvement in causing the current crisis.

    Does this constitute censorship by Google-owned Youtube?

    New link for Burning the House Down video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RZVw3no2A4

    (I wonder how long it will take to pull this one?)

  • 6countyprod

    Hey, BfB, good post at 1.48am.

    Have you been keeping track of Obama’s falsehoods and half-truthes as well. I started a list, but couldn’t keep up. Would appreciate a list sometime.

  • circles

    6CP – I see you’ve given up being the Palin cheerleader and instead decided to come straight out of the closet, just like Bonkers Bob, and just be anti-Obama.
    Pots and kettles come to mind when we’re talking about direct campaign lies (lets not euphemise here please) – but McCain is by far the most cynical politician I have ever seen.
    Picks Palin regardless of her wonkiness simply to stick a conservative woman on his ticket – never mind the fact that our 74 year old cancer survivor may be putting her finger on the trigger one day. She may be protected from witchcraft but we’re not!!!!
    Then “suspends his campaign” for the “good of the country” – oh yes, very good, I mean even his supporters couldn’t swallow that one.
    He is a man with absolutely no regard whatsoever for the electorate – his main thing is that he, John McCain, one time prisoner of war, becomes president.
    And if he does then god help us all.

  • Wilde Rover


    “Not baby killing”

    But I thought you were all for the baby killing.

    Oh, you must mean abortion, not the killing of children in foreign lands.

    So, its abortion bad, baby killing good?

  • BfB

    BTW there Mick..
    (imho)Your site ads are a bit skewed in a certain direction….What with all the ‘do it for the children’ crap. Grow up.
    No surprise kiddo.

  • Metacom

    Race will be an issue but it’s a net advantage to Obama. BLACK racism is why Hillary dodn’t win. Most blacks wouldn’t vote for a Republican anyway so that really isn’t a factor in the general but the number of liberal whites who will vote for Obama BECAUSE he is black and it nakes them feel all good about themselves will dwarf the number of knuckle draggers who won’t vote for him simply based on race.

  • autocue

    Obamessiah? more like obamanation! enough to make you puke!

  • Dewi

    Gondolas! I love them Watch all this

  • Dewi

    Sorry – I’ll withdraw that and find a better link…

  • pith

    Shit, I never knew they had Ikea in America.

  • JT O’Sullivan

    I will vote for McCain. I don’t think we have a chance though. We may even lose my state, (Virginia) which has not gone Democratic since LBJ.

    At least the goddamn election will be over in a month and all this stuff will stop.

    Mark my words, if Obama doesn’t win, there will be race riots in Washington, DC as well as Detroit if not other areas. There will be talks of a stolen election, a racist country, etc.

    If he loses, I will certainly take the next day off from work

  • Dewi

    Jt o’s – why?

  • 6countyprod
  • circles

    Talk of a stolen election? In the United States -the land of the free?
    Its not like anything like that has ever happened before.

    But if McCain wins it is a chilling prospect. The triumph of cynicism and ignorance over reflection and intellect. Although some people will be glad to see that I imagine – it will make them feel like winners too, even as the ship goes down.

  • CincinnatiDave

    Copies of video posted here:

    Just for those who want to lose weight throwing up their lunches…


  • circles

    But I tell you what – that video is well f@cking scary!!
    But Americans do do sickly sweet and borderline perverse extremely well – remember “we are the world”?

  • circles

    But more scary still are the foam-at-the-mouth posters on Michelle Malkin’s site!
    Its like a race to see who can bring in the Hitler comparison’s quickest….. always a good indicator that you have lost the argument if you start banging on about beer halls and use the suffix -jugend.

  • 6countyprod

    Circles: The triumph of cynicism and ignorance over reflection and intellect

    So you have heard about Obama. What a shame that he didn’t have the grades, even under ‘affirmative action’, to get into Harvard! It’s always nice to have rich Saudi friends to get you where you want to go.

  • susan

    6countyprod, I can’t believe you are making this argument.

    Following the American elections as closely as you are, you HAVE to know John McCain, a legacy to West Point because of his father and family connections, graduated second from the bottom of his class. Sarah Palin went to five different colleges and universities before receiving a BA. And you are weaselling on about your concerns about Obama’s undergraduate record at COlumbia University?

    Harvard Law could easily fill its first year class solely with summa cum laude graduates of Ivy League Schools, but it doesn’t. Affirmative action? No, they want to graduate not just legal scholars in academia but leaders, leaders in politics, in the nonprofit sector. Obama’s “in” into Harvard was his track record in community organising in Chicago’s South Side.

    And as is often remarked, Jesus was a community organiser. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

    The world is in a complete mess right now. THings can and will get worse before they get better.Are Obama and McCain the two best men for the most important job in the world right now? No. But they are the two men up for the job, and Obama’s the safer bet. I had an enormous amount of respect for McCain going into this election, despite what I knew of his temperament. But he’s thrown over just about every decent stand and fight he’s stood for in his long career to get the Republican nomination. And he knows his health record, although he won’t release it to the public. He never thought Sarah Palin the safest pair of hands to govern the country in his stead, it was a crap roll and a stunt.

    Silly people in California taught their kids to sing a silly, cringe-worthy song about Obama. Wasting too much time thinking about that with the state of the world today is even sillier, and more cringe-worthy.

  • circles

    Ahh what a relevant contribution 6CP – how did you do on that 11-plus? Was it a fair refelction of your intellect and the man you became? Although its been hard to take your posts so seriously ever since your rapturous response to McCain’s VP choice and subsequent silence as she stuck boot after boot into her own mouth.
    The rich Saudi remark was a cracker considering the incumbent (you know that W-fella who is backing McCain) and his pappy and their connection to that well known rich Saudi family. Priceless.

    I should add though – that “Jesus was a community organiser” remark I found daft the first time I heard it. The very idea of making such a comparison is beyond ridiculous. Obama is a rich, left wing lawyer turned politician thats all. He will most certainly not bring a dramatic transformation, but at least it will be a change in direction. McCain will be a nightmare and we’ll still hope he hangs in in case his loopy VP ever takes over.

  • susan

    circles, the “Jesus was a community organiser” line is not meant to compare Obama to Jesus, but is a political response to the mean-spirited, callous, un-American attacks on the notion of community service and community organisers launched by Rudy Guiliani and Sarah Palin at the Republican National convention.

    Perhaps you know far more about Obama’s time at Chicago’s Altgeld Gardens public housing neighbourhods in the eighties than we do. His money, however, came from his book contracts, not his legal career.

    I’m afraid of someone with Obama’s lack of experience taking the reigns at this point in history. I’m terrified of someone with McCain’s temperment, and his recent statements on Iran, Iraq, Georgia, North Korea, and the economy, taking over. Life is a cabaret.


  • BfB

    reflection and intellect.

    quadruple HA!

  • BfB

    foam-at-the-mouth posters on Michelle Malkin’s site!

    links please….

  • BfB

    the neolibs love to use the ‘your stoooooooooooopid’
    Obama is just as stooooooooooooooooopid as McCain and Palin…..
    Live with it.

    ‘In the age of affirmative action and grade inflation, a minority in a relatively easy major like political science had to under-perform dramatically to avoid minimal honors. Obama apparently did just that.

    The specifics we may never know. As the New York Times concedes, Obama “declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcript or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate or friend from those years.”‘

    Oh ya…..we’re raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist!!

  • Steve

    other than a useless rant what point did you make


    what verifiable fact did you post?


    what sense did you make?


    what difference will you make


  • BfB


    Here ya go buttboy, this is where you get your opinions anyway.

  • 6countyprod

    Relax, Susan. I was only teasing Circles.

    But, to address a couple of your ludicrous comments:

    1 Obama’s “in” into Harvard was his track record in community organising in Chicago’s South Side

    What track record? He was a failure as a community organiser, unless you count his success in pressuring banks to give out bad loans. What did he do with all the money Ayers and his organisation supplied? Where are the results of his ‘track record?’ There’s nothing to show for his years as a community organiser.

    2 Jesus was a community organiser. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

    It is tantamount to blasphemy to equate Obama with the Saviour. Obama is one of the greatest con artists of the modern age, one who may persuade 50 million people to vote for his cult. Do you think Jesus agrees with Obama’s support for the slaughter of unborn children, or his opposition to giving medical aid to children who survive abortion attempts? I don’t think so!

    3 I’m terrified of someone with McCain’s temperment, and his recent statements on Iran, Iraq, Georgia, North Korea, and the economy, taking over.

    Have you considered Obama’s stance on invading or attacking Pakistan when assessing your level of terror? Wimps get themselves into far more bother trying to prove they are tough, than genuine tough guys do.

    Btw, if more heed had been paid to McCain in 2005 concerning Fannie and Freddie, maybe we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

    The fundamental strategy of US liberals is to try to paint their conservative opponents as a bunch of thick heads. Obama is obviously a smooth talker and practised manipulator, but the jury is out as to whether he is any more intelligent than any of the other candidates.

  • Steve

    Excelent cartoon there teabagger extrodinaire

  • Steve

    Obama is one of the greatest con artists of the modern age, one who may persuade 50 million people to vote for his cult

    Okay so he is a couple of billion behind in the jesus cult head count but hey give a couple thousand years to catch up

  • circles

    Still you have to admire the kind of institutions where Bob obviously resides letting the patients have access to the internet. Care in the cyber community it seems. Now wipe away your foam Bob, theres a good lad. For Michele Malkin’s site go to the link provided by Dave – I can’t do everything for you Bob.

    Susan all I said was Obama is a rich (which he is) lawyer (which he is). No need getting annoyed about that.

    Whether Jesus was a community organiser or not though is debatable. If he was one he wasn’t very good – his community rejected him and had him crucified. I mean if Obama was a jew, its likely that some bright campaign spark would also point out the fact that Jesus was a jew too – and it would be equally irrelevant.

    What is important though is that given the choice between the cynical McCain and Obama that we can only hope a mojority of american voters vote for Obama.

  • 6countyprod


    The media has successfully painted Palin as clueless, and, indeed, some of it has been self-inflicted, so, tonight, we’ll see what she is really made of.

    Having had such a poor press in recent days, even a draw with Biden will be considered a victory for Palin, much like Obama’s draw with McCain.

  • circles

    Except that Palin really isn’t quite yet presidential material 6CP and I think even you would recgnise that if you were to be honest – whereas Obama took McCain on in what wa supposed to McCain’s forte and came out at last a draw, or with a narow win if hispoll blip is any indicator.

    I also think that were it not for your instinctive dislike of the Democrats you would also recognise McCain’s spectacular lack of judgement when he picked Palin for purely short term political interests. A blunder that has come back to haunt him as even republicans have suggested she step down from the ticket. So with such low expectations I think tonight if she even remembers the state she is governor of she’ll be considered a winner. I personally think though she’ll be tricky and smart and will try and get a few good digs in – which means tomorrow you can put the Palin poster back up on your bedroom wall for another couple of days and dream of a 74 year old president with an experienced VP rubbing her hands for the old geezer to croak.

    You must admit though that McCain made a mess of his handling of the deal this week. How transpaently cyncial can you get. “I will not make presidential politics out of this, which is why I, John McCain, ex-POW, will suspend my presidential campaign, whilst my opponent, Barrack Obama, will not. Yes the reason I tell you this so loudly is becase I obviously am not trying to play politics with this. Oh no. A leader like me who has spent time in a hanoi prison as a POW, has only his country at heart – not like Obama”. What a farce!

  • 6countyprod

    Circles, Palin really isn’t quite yet presidential material

    Maybe you are right, she isn’t quite yet, but the raw material is there, as you inadvertently acknowledge. That’s why she is standing for VP. But give her a couple of years of on-the-job training, and, hey presto.

    But Obama doesn’t have that luxury, and he’s definitely not ready to lead from day one!

  • susan

    Circles, good posts. I came back to Slugger because I realised I’d been overly annoyed with you over the point on community organising. It was just that I also realised it would not be long before some gifted political scribe would be along to accuse me of comparing Obama to Jesus, and I wanted to explicitly state before that happened that the line was a defense of community activism and organising, not a comparison of Jesus and Obama. I am not looking for a messiah. Just competence, caution, and someone who can aspire to work with other countries and put together a seasoned, pragmatic domestic team. I think we both agree: No More Cowboys in the White House.

    6countyprod, what “raw material”? I’d love to see a woman in the White House, but I want her to be elected for her qualifications, her ideals and her accomplishments, not for her gender. I suppose Palin is under special protection from “witchcraft” (minute 1:44)


  • susan

    I am going to have to block my access to Slugger, or lose my income. But one more thing about Sarah Palin’s associations with Thomas Muthee, a man who has led actual witchhunts — see “mama Jane” — in Kenya.

    Sarah Palin’s association with Muthee matters to me because clearly, the association matters to her. Here is her take on him, word for word:

    “We forgot to talk about Pastor Muthee. As I was mayor, and Pastor Muthee was here, and he was praying over me, you know he speaks, and he’s so bold. He’s praying, ‘Lord, make a way. Lord, make a way.’

    I’m thinking this guy is really bold. He doesn’t know what I’m going to do. He doesn’t know what my plans are, and he’s praying not, ‘Oh Lord, if it be your will, may she become Governor.’ No. He just prayed for it. ‘Lord, make a way and let her do this next step,’ and that’s exactly what happened. So, again very, very powerful coming from this church, so that was awesome about Pastor Muthee.”

    Life (and a glancing acquaintance with world history) has left me wary of politicians who “never blink,” who always “know” they are right, and even more wary of politicians who “know” God is on their side, and clearing a path for them.

    If a California children’s choir is “terrifying” or “disturbingly misguided,” what to make of Palin in her own words?

  • Dewi

    Siwsan – must sleep tonight – but let us know how the debate goes….

  • susan

    Nos da, Dewi. I am near levitating with anxiety. Too many people confidently expecting too little of Palin — there is always a twist.

    Evidently the Obama people have the same fears I do. The Obama campaign manager was telling every reporter who would listen that “Palin is the best debater in Alaskan politics,” at which the press corps just lost it. Who tracks Alaskan debaters? We are in uncharted waters, Dewi.

  • 6countyprod

    Susan: I suppose Palin is under special protection from “witchcraft”

    Hey, Susan, maybe she needs protection from the curses of Obama’s mentor and spiritual guide, Rev Wright! What do you think?

  • susan

    I thought you’d make that point hours earlier, 6prod. I could have used a brawl. Now I don’t have time!

    Hear from you tomorrow. ;o)

  • BfB

    Suckup, Obama lapdog, race baiting, affirmative action product,Palin hating, Gwen Ifill moderates the debate tonight. Shameless, neolib…oops, socialist, msm, dirtbag, Obamite, sure to be impartial. Can you say SHOWER Of ASSHOLES?

    Not that the lying bastard Biden needs any help in looking stooooooooooooooooopid.
    “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed. He said, ‘look, here’s what happened.’”

    Where to start. First of all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected 1932 — the market crashed in 1929. Second of all, Philo Farnsworth created the first working television in 1928. Again, the market crashed in 1929. FDR got on a device nobody had at a time when he wasn’t president? Joe, get a history book. Good Lord.

  • Dewi

    Got up – geek – Palin didn’t implode and no real rabbit in the headlights moments – Biden very good and not patronising which was important. Not very exciting though…..six out of ten each.

  • Greenflag

    Dewi ,

    Palin started off nervous or is it just her highly pitched ‘whine ‘? She did better than expected but overall Biden won out on the ‘facts and numbers’ . He had a tricky line to cross and I thought he did with aplomb .

    Palin saved her political career just about . I suspect that the format of the debate ensured that .

    I was ‘gobsmacked ‘ towards the end of the debate when I heard Palin use the word ‘working class’.
    I did’nt know America has a working class or if they do they are all illegal immigrants who can’t vote anyway at least to judge from the comments of all the candidates . The term ‘lower income group’ is often used by the academic fraternity .

    I suppose with the ‘exporting ‘ of all ‘working class’ jobs in manufacturing etc to Asia over the past 20 years it became politically acceptable to ignore their ‘political existence’

    And now that the same process is being ‘inflicted ‘ on the American ‘middle class’ how long can it be before there will be only two American classes – the have everythings and the have nothings the forming living in isolated heavily guarded communities surrounded by 20 foot walls while the latter ‘shoot it out ‘ amongst themselves for any remaining crumbs 🙁

    There is no question in my mind that the USA needs a sharp reversal of it’s direction over the past several decades . Whether Obama and Biden and the Democrats have the ‘balls’ to do it is at least debateable . But we know for a certainty that the Republicans don’t .

    When the Soros and Buffet’s of the world favour Obama you can be sure that the Republicans are now what’s called in poker parlance – a busted flush.

  • circles

    6CP – the raw material is there for a lot of things with governor Palin – I think the troopergate case gives a good indication of what she can get up to when given a little power.
    So despite her admiration for the god fearing Mr Muthee, may heaven forbid that she gets her hands anywhere near the wheel.

    And even though it looks like she was on good form last night by her own standards, her lack of substance compared to Biden’s shows her up as the poor choice she actually was – although I did love her answer to which poses the greater threat a nuclear Iran or Pakistan – “An armed, nuclear armed especially Iran is so extremely dangerous to consider” Ahhh yes, hop aboard the straight talk express!!

    She’s a lightweight at the minute and may never be ready for the heavier divisions 6CP. And VP to a 74 year old man isn’ exactly the place where you want her to get her on the job training.

    The bottom line though is not Palin. It’s McCain’s complete lack of judgement in choosing her. Or else he thought it actualy doesn’t matter who the VP is – so lets just stick in a backwoods nobody with a good conservative pedigree just to satisfy the ultra-cons.
    He underlined his lack of judgement again with his campagn “suspension”.

    He would make a terible president, and still we would be hoping that he keeps well just in case his VP has to stand in.

    Now 6CP – in all honesty you cannot seriously suggest that McCain has been making good calls. The campaign is in a shambles and partly because he thought that his “narrative” and that of Governor “Hockey Mom” Palin should have been enough to guarantee the republicans yet another win, and leave all that talk of policy to those “dirtbag” liberals (as Bob would have them). Sure the people don’t care about policy – they want a story. And why should he have thought otherwise? After Bush so blatantly stole the presidency from Gore, then exploited the country’s fear to stay in whilst the population looked on in apparent silent acquiescence. McCain must have thought the american public are a bunch of saps not worth the effort of a serious campaign. Hence this half-arsed one he has put on so far.

    He deserves to loose for his contempt of the people. And Obama/Biden have so far earned their poll leads by offerring serious alternatives.

  • 6countyprod


    I think it was a good ‘performance’ by both candidates, but it was a little too automated and contrived for me, especially Biden’s catch in the throat. He has that one down pat! At times, it seemed like something from The Truman Show as both Biden and Palin turned and looked directly at the camera and pitched for their principals.

    Biden did well in avoiding his long-established tendency towards prolixity and logorrhoea and Palin proved that she can handle live situations very well. In fact, if the McCain camp have any sense, they will get Palin on as many live radio and TV shows as possible in order to avoid the skewing of her words by the media.

    I thought the moderator was fair, although she was quite condescending in her comment to Palin at the end of the debate.

    All in all, an enjoyable debate in which Palin held her own and in the process improved her standing in the eyes of ordinary Americans and exposed the fallacy of MSM coverage of her.

    She has shown that she is a very quick learner, and I reckon she is at least as qualified to be VP as Obama is to be president.

  • circles

    Its all very well crying foul against the supposedly liberal media for Palin’s “portrayal” 6CP. The problem is though she has been kept so far away from the media that it just doesn’t ring true. Her appearances were within the carefully constructed framework of the McCain camp and her gaffs were all her own. The strategy just backfired.
    Funny though – the media wasn’t a problem when there was the high after she was named. Only now that they start asking questions it gets tricky. Reminds me of the end of the old Scooby-Doo cartoons – you know when they catch the fake ghost and unmask him and he says “And I would have gotten away with it too if it hadna been for you pesky kids and that dog of yours” – except in this case its the pesky journalists as the mask slips off John McCain.

    Which brings me back to my point – never mind Palin (who has the scantest of grasps on complex issues – unlike Obama by the way) – McCain has shown through his cocked up campaign that he’s not fit to be US President. It has been a shambolic effort and on that you can only agree.

  • 6countyprod

    You are right Circles, Palin and McCain have been partly responsible for the poor coverage, and I am sure they have learned their lesson.

    However, some of the ‘gaffes’ have been pure media fabrication, like, for example, implying that Palin didn’t know the names of any major US newspapers just because she didn’t rattle off a bunch of names. That’s just downright ridiculous, she majored in journalism, but I suppose some people are gullible enough to be taken in by the superciliousness of it all.

    It’s an example of typical liberal arrogance and snobbery in implying that conservatives are thickos. No one with access to the internet reads just one or two papers any more, they get their info from a variety of sources.

  • 6countyprod

    This photo essay is quite enlightening. I particularly enjoyed the photos of the media.


  • circles

    I think you’re maybe reading too much into the non-naming of newspapers by Palin 6CP. In my opinion it didn’t come across as an “example of typical liberal arrogance and snobbery”. I dont think anybody in their right mind assumes that Palin doesn’t read newspapers. The “gaff” was just how she completely bungled a reply to a relatively innocent question out of pure suspicion that maybe the reporter was trying to trip her up and a clear unwillingness to commit to any publication.
    As I said in my previous post its only the “liberal media” when they don’t toe the republican party line – but when it comes to stunts like “mission accomplished”, shock and awe journalism and embedded reporters there wasn’t a word about the “stinking pinko dirtbags” of the MSM.

    As you acknowledged, McCain and Pain are reaping what they sowed. A shambolic campaign does not instil confidence for a sure-footed presidency. McCain made bum calls so far and has constanlty changed tack. From funadamentally strong at breakfast to a crisis by lunchtime he has been poorly advised and lacks the judgement to realise it. The Obama campaign has remained steadfastly on message and have been hammering their messge home on key issues. This election is his for the loosing.

    The photo essay failed to convince me that the media are out to get her. The press looked like the normally do – arse scratching doubters every man jack of them no matter who the candidate is. But note – the crowd in the non-press area look just as unimpressed (check all the long faces on the left). I suppose they were democrats shipped in to spoil the party were they?
    More telling are the empty seats to be seen around the place – like in the pic of the (and how embarassing is this?) “First Dude”. It looks like they packed everyone into the corner where the laughingly named “straight talk express” came in and the rest of the place was empty. It probably wasn’t exactly the “massive crowd” that the partisan blog tries to put it over as, but it pleased the faithful most likely. It may not have sounded like the crowd were greeting the second place team, but thats exactly what they were doing anyway.

  • Greenflag

    circles ,

    ‘McCain must have thought the american public are a bunch of saps not worth the effort of a serious campaign’

    Indeed . The condescending remark re the American worker is the ‘best’ in the world must have come as a shock to the people of Michigan who have seen the American ‘worker’s jobs sucked out of the State for the past 15 ? 20 years . Hey if we’re so good why do our companies need to go to China or Mexico ?

    McCain has now left Michigan to the Democrats and is hoping to win the battleground states of Ohio and Wisconsin.

    Senator McCain is so out of touch with the needs of average Americans that he deserves to lose -by a wide margin .

    Senator Biden effectively ‘unmasked’ McCains spurious claim to the ‘maverick’ title. He’s nothing of the sort as regards those matters which are important to hundreds of millions of Americans – health care , education , and jobs .

    Anyway what makes Mrs Palin think that Americans want a ‘maverick ‘ or even worse two mavericks with itchy fingers on the red button ? They need that just as much as they need a VP whose church believes God communicates via divine ‘babbling ‘ and that Armageddon is just over the horizon along with the Rapture 🙁

  • 6countyprod

    Circles and Greenflag,
    I’ll let you savour the results of surveyusa poll in Ohio after last night’s show. Seems to be a little more objective than some of the other dubious polls floating around:


    (you should at least enjoy the web page, it had Impeach Bush-Torture Cheney stickers for sale)

  • Dewi

    6countyprod – as a real geek Ohio is the state that the matters – Mcain doing better than he should compared to National polls…..from my partisan point of view Obama needs to chuck in piles of dollars there……How’s Mccain doing in Florida?

  • Greenflag

    I predict Ohio will vote for Obama . They’ll get over any remaining ‘race fixation’ . It’s a state not too dissimilar from Michigan and /or Pennsylvania and the north east of the State is an an economic state not dissimilar to the North East of England following the first major economic purges of Thatcherism .

    What we are seeing in the USA is the ‘end ‘ of the Thatcherite experiment and the return to a more mixed economy . Having experienced the outsourcing of whole sectors of their economy to China , Mexico etc etc and the outsourcing of their government to Goldman Sachs and Wall St the American voter will recoil by the millions from voting for another Republican administration .

    McCains only hope of winning this election is if he promises to deliver Universal Health Care for all Americans and/or the Israelis launch a pre emptive strike on Iran or Russia decides to launch an invasion of the USA across the Bering Straits .

    McCain is trailing by 8 points in Florida . He’s not going to win Florida or Michigan or Pennsylvania or Virginia . So even if he flukes a win in Ohio he’s gone .

    Sad political end for the Senator no doubt . His time was 2000 but the Bush ‘dynasty ‘ had other ideas and back then they feared the ‘maverick’ was a bit too liberal for their taste . It’s ironic that having bent over backwards to appease the christian right he now finds that the majority of americans have veered to the left , helped of course by the disastrous foreign policy of this discredited administration and economic issues of a magnitude that Americans have not had to face since the 1930’s

    dewi ,

    Ohio would matter if Florida , Michigan and Pennsylvania were not sewn up . As the latter 3 are now definitely in the Democrat camp -Ohio is less important than it was for Obama but is absoluteley critical for Senator McCain .

  • latcheeco

    I hope you’re right Greenflag but I think it’s still far too soon to call and I think it’s about to get really dirty (or even dirtier). I saw a poll today ( though Mason-Dixon isn’t the most reliable) that had McCain holding on in Virginia. Putin better watch himself: The witch-finder general plans to increase the VP’s powers according to what Bush’s handlers programmed her to say last night.

  • BfB

    They need that just as much as they need a VP whose church believes God communicates via divine ‘babbling ‘ and that Armageddon is just over the horizon along with the Rapture 🙁

    Deep thinking, topical, political analysis as usual…just what’s on the minds of the electorate down here in FL. Obama will lose down here…Guns and babies and our own money….we like all of ’em..and we’re gonna keep them.
    The fact that Obama is near indictment on financial issues won’t hurt either….

  • 6countyprod

    Maybe we should get the Guardian to launch another campaign to get the folks in Ohio to vote for the Dems. It worked so well the last time!

    But seriously, here’s a really good video that names and shames the yahoos in the current crisis. It’s only 90 seconds long.

  • Greenflag


    ‘I think it’s about to get really dirty (or even dirtier)’

    With the polls turning heavier in favour of Obama you can expect to see the stamp of Karl Rove all over the remaining weeks of this campaign in particular after the last debate . But these last few weeks have shown Americans what can happen when the government is run from Wall St . They know McCain’s record on deregulation . And that’s it .

    ‘The witch-finder general plans to increase the VP’s powers according to what Bush’s handlers programmed her to say last night. ‘

    Indeed . The arrogant creep Cheney has’nt done enough damage to the USA so why not let Palin finish the ‘job’ of destruction :(.

    Bfb is going to have to live with a black President . He need’nt worry . I lived in State with a black President and horror of horrors it’s so poor that their Government can afford ‘universal medical care’ for all it’s citizens . Step up Botswana a model for USA at least in universal health care . And there’s a small formerly poor country in Europe which has no national debt -step up Ireland another model for the USA . And there’s not a country in Europe that has to incarcerate 1% of it’s population !

    A new deal for the USA is on the way and there ain’t nothing that the Bfb’s can do about it .

  • Steve


    Dont you like the vague inuendo and threat he implies with …..

    i wonder if the topiary emperor will pre-emptively pardon himself and his whole administration?

  • CincinnatiDave

    Another inspirational youtube moment included in this item from the guys at Powerline:


  • circles

    A Pete said right at the very start – DON’T SAY YOU HAVEN’T BEEN WARNED!!!

  • Greenflag

    circles ,

    Now that was funny 🙂 That’s going to be a collectors item from this campaign .

  • Dewi

    Where the money is going – Obama outspending Mccain (directly) about three to one.

  • 6countyprod

    Circles and Greenflag,
    I know you’ll love this inspiring oratory from The One:

    (skip the first minute of Mac/Palin propoganda, the good bit starts at 55 seconds)

  • circles

    OK despite the dreadfully slow connection i have over here I did actually sit down and wait for the whole thing to load ad here’s what I thought.
    Do you remember when the world snooker finals would be on telly and in the break they would show you all the bloopers throughout the tournament? These were mistakes made by world class professionals playing thousands of shots a day and still the odd time they would make a monkeys of it. They were always good for a laugh but didn’t reflect the players overall performance. Much like this clip. Obama has been in the media spotlight all year and all they could pull out was this!

    Oh and those thinly veiled sectarian scary lines as a colser – “we are no longer a christian nation” and “my muslim name”. Very tasteful, very relevant.

    Palin on the other hand – well she’s “played” maybe 3 or 4 “games” and had enough bloopers to fill a short film. This clip was a desperate attempt to let on that everybody can talk shit like her – but actually there she really is in a class of her own.

  • BfB

    California’s nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $9 billion each year, according to a new report released last week by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes stricter immigration policies.

    Educating the children of illegal immigrants is the largest cost, estimated at $7.7 billion each year, according to the report. Medical care for illegal immigrants and incarceration of those who have committed crimes are the next two largest expenses measured in the study, the author said.

    Schwarzenegger to U.S.: State may need $7-billion loan
    SACRAMENTO — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, alarmed by the ongoing national financial crisis, warned Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson on Thursday that the state might need an emergency loan of as much as $7 billion from the federal government within weeks.
    Pay up raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist bastards.
    Obama gets in……USA=California in two years….

    Greenie the 1% in jail are there because they are convicted CRIMINALS… you pick who you want released and we’ll have them move in your town at our expense…howz that… you socialist asshole?(patent pending)

  • Greenflag


    Why has the USA five times the prison population per capita as the UK and almost ten times the rate for the ‘socialist ‘ countries of northern and western europe (UK excepted )?

    ‘Greenie the 1% in jail are there because they are convicted CRIMINALS’

    Indeed so how is it that the USA produces so many criminals . Is it because the people are following the example of the Republican administration with 18 Republicans already convicted of fraud and corruption and no doubt more on the way :(? Trees rot from the top and the USA the top is Capitol Hill and Wall St . The latter criminals have been given a get out of jail free card by the their fellow criminals 🙁

    Here’s a report from the UK 2003 , which is 5 years old .Since then the USA figure has gone up by another million .

    More than 8.75 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the world, mostly as
    pre-trial detainees (remand prisoners) or having been convicted and sentenced. More half of
    these are in the United States (1.96m), Russia (0.92m) or China (1.43m plus pre-trial
    detainees and prisoners in ‘administrative detention’).

    ● The United States has the highest prison population rate in the world, some 686 per 100,000
    of the national population, followed by the Cayman Islands (664), Russia (638), Belarus (554),
    Kazakhstan (522), Turkmenistan (489), Belize (459), Bahamas (447), Suriname (437) and
    Dominica (420).

    ● However, more than three-fifths of countries (62.5%) have rates below 150 per 100,000. (The
    United Kingdom’s rate of 139 per 100,000 of the national population places it above the midpoint
    in the World List; it is now the highest among countries of the European Union.)

    ● Prison population rates vary considerably between different regions of the world

    ● in the Americas the median rate for south American countries is 107 whereas for
    Caribbean countries it is 297;

    ● in Asia the median rate for south central Asian countries (mainly the Indian sub-continent)
    is 54 whereas for (ex-Soviet) central Asian countries it is 426;

    ● in Europe the median rate for southern European countries is 69 whereas for central and
    eastern European countries it is 213;

    ● in Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand) the median rate is 110.

  • BfB

    We put hard criminals in jail because they break the law. My attached articles on the previous post shows that the socialist asshole policies of some states let many criminals walk the street. Our shoddy socialist asshole, public education system has much to do with the amount of unrepentant, illiterate, irresponsible thugs we find on our streets…just for starters..why do you think these people are in our prisons? Eh?

  • 6countyprod

    Thanks for the figures on prison population. Very interesting. Where did you obtain them?

  • circles

    I see the great shell game has started. Just keep your eye on the economy and don’t get distracted by the wiley old man’s chat about bad boys (as if he can lob stones from his glass house!!)

  • circles

    “Our shoddy socialist asshole, public education system has much to do with the amount of unrepentant, illiterate, irresponsible thugs we find on our streets…just for starters..why do you think these people are in our prisons? Eh?”

    To turn that question around Bob – why do you think your prison population has a significantly higher non-white population than the normal population statistics?
    Considering its barely 50 years since the US formally dismantled its own apartheid system. Considering at the time of Mandela’s imprisonment the current Vice President voted against a House of Representatives resolution calling for his release and 10 times against imposing sanctions against the apartheid regime. Considering the republicans are now rolling out thinly veiled racism in their campaign now. Considering all that you’ll probably continue to insist that the US prison population has an over representation of non-whites simply because they are “unrepentant, illiterate, irresponsible thugs”.

    But heaven forbid that anybody insinuate that you might be leaning towards racism laughing bob. Only a pinko, fascist liberal could possibly think such a thing of good old Bob eh?

    Don’t worry you’re in good company. You’re good old boy Sen. John McCain opposed a holiday honouring Martin Luther King and refused to call for the removal of a confederate flag from South Carolina’s Capitol. Obviously another two demands that were simply being made by shoddy socialist assholes.
    Now crawl back under your bridge and let the adults talk.

  • Dewi

    Obama needs to close the deal in the rust belt – OH and PA still not comfortable..
    Good old Bruce doing his bit

  • BfB

    To turn that question around Bob
    Answer it or move on.