Again the Executive is caught out…

On a related theme, The Tele reports: “Brown’s free cancer drugs won’t apply to Northern Ireland. ”

Yet another case of Executive paralysis. Even so, why do the masses ranks of the Stormont PR people have to appear so inept?

Quote from Executive spokesperson:

“Asked if Mr Brown’s crucial speech this afternoon will include proposals that will reach out to the devolved assemblies, an aide said he “was sure it would”, although it is not clear what they might include.. “

Oh, brilliant!

Under devolution, we have still to get used to the fact that lots of decisions are now in local hands, whereas under direct rule they still might have been different but were certainly opaque. The whole point of having a local administration is accountability, that we all know what ‘s going on. My impression is that so far the politicians know less about what’s going on than large chunks of the public. Remember the recent shambles over fuel subsidies and a mortgage rescue scheme? If there is a GB or England -only piece of government delivery, the Northern Ireland public should know straight away if they’re getting it; if not why not; and if there’s a better or at least different local equivalent.

  • Michael Shilliday

    The Health Minister in Northern Ireland was elected on a commitment to do away with charges in all cases, not just cancer. So it’s a bit of a moot point.

  • Pete Baker


    “The whole point of having a local administration is accountability”


    But real accountability would involve the ability to vote the bastards out of office.

    Unfortunately, here, such accountability is merely a chimera.

  • Dewi

    So what Brian ? – Seize the blasted day and do things for yourself…….why do you think idiot Brown knows best….It’s a little depressing..