“Still stalled..”

With no Northern Ireland Executive business to discuss and with other Assembly debates, however heated, as meaningful as ever, the material for BBC NI Stormont Live to work with has been a bit thin this week.. Anyway, here’s today’s opening and closing segments with Jim Fitzpatrick and Martina Purdy sandwiching a re-statement of the DUP’s position on the devolution of policing and justice powers by their deputy leader, and NI Finance Minister, Nigel Dodds, MP, MLA, along with his comments on the current crisis kerfuffle tense time. Adds More here.

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    Barry McIlduff’s reply to Jim Fitzpatrick was educational to say the least.

    In summary Jim said,” Can you understand why Unionists feel aggrieved because IRA/Sinn Fein haven’t appoligised for the murders.

    Barry McIlduff said, “As an Irish Republican we shouldn’t have to explain our actions, that’s what we are, that’s what we do”

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Sorry, I thought the hosted Stormont Live programme included wee Barry’s rants.

  • Ultsers my homeland

    why the cut Pete Baker ?

  • Pete Baker

    The edit is to focus on the quotes in the clip.

    That’s the actual topic here.

    If you don’t wish to comment on that topic I suggest you go elsewhere.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Ultsers my homeland,

    Pete is never too keen on Sinn Feinery. Dodsie is always good value for money – either he’s bluffing ( which I think he is ) or Stormo is going to close down – cant see it surviving more than another 3 or 4 weeks.

  • Quagmire

    I’m afraid by the time we reach that political life time juncture that Dodsie in talking about we will be living in a 32 county republic. As I said many posts ago, Unionist intransigence will be Unionisms downfall. Indeed I believe Dawn Purvis alluded to this a few weeks on the radio with Dunseith when she said that Unionism, as sponsored by the DUP, will pay a heavy price for its intransigence.

  • Greenflag

    IWSMNWDI <'cant see it surviving more than another 3 or 4 weeks.'Neither can I . Dodds is alreadyt in the succession stakes. When the Assemmbly closes down he'll be well placed to replace Paisley's failed 'apprentice. But given Doddie's mentality he might as well not bother for he'll get no further than Robinson has .The Assembly is nothing but a talking shop anyway . Actually it's now 'evolved' into a non talking shop .Dodd's views re former IRA members not being acceptable as P& J Minister is ludicrous . Uncomfortable for Unionists of course . The Irish Free State Government was'nt too keen on an FF Minister for Justice in 1932 but they soon got used to it .The DUP will have to get used to the idea and if they can't they need to f**k off back to 1968 where they belong !SF have won this one despite Dodd's bleating.

  • Billy


    I largely agree with your analysis. It is clear that there is no future for the assembly if the DUP don’t make some concession on P&J;.

    Frankly, from a Nationalist point of view, who cares if it goes?

    All the assembly has done is to illustrate that Unionists (or the DUP in particular) are not ready to share power. They block any initiatives from the Nationalist side (P&J;, education, the Maze etc) and then bleat when Sinn Fein use their mandate to prevent Unionists pushing through their own agenda.

    I am not a Sinn Fein supporter and I certainly don’t agree with all their policies. However, it’s plain that the DUP don’t consider issues in their merits but they are just trying to abuse their power (just like the good old pre 1968 days eh!).

    Do they really expect Sinn Fein to just sit back and take it? – the days of croppie lie down are long gone.

    Robinson seems to think he is some sort of figure of vital importance – staying away from the the Labour party conference because he didn’t like the Prime Minister’s Speech and ditto for the Tory conference because he doesn’t like their links with the UUP.

    Does he really think that anyone in Westminster or the UK in general cares? After the widespread terrible publicity his wife got, I would have thought he’d be trying to make friends in Westminster.

    No-one can force the DUP to move on P&J;. However, it’s clear that the UK, US + Irish govts want movement on it.

    If the DUP want to hold out, that’s fine. The inevitable result will be a return to Direct Rule – which clearly benefits Nationalists more than Unionists.

    The UK govt, backed by the US, will be more than happy to give the RoI Govt an ever increasing role in the running of the North.

    In the current financial and political climate, there is very little interest in the UK about the North. There is even less symapthy for the Unionist cause – increasingly seen (by the few who care) as intransigent, hompohobic, Christian fundamentalists and spongers off the UK exchequer.

    As Pete points out constantly, Sinn Fein certainly were outdone by the DUP at St Andrews on P&J;.

    However, as Harold MacMillan said, “events, dear boy, events”. Well, events since St Andrews have put the DUP in a bad light on the international stage while Sinn Fein are seen as trying to make power sharing work.

    The DUP may be getting plaudits from their backwoodsmen. However, in the real seats of long term term financial and political power, they are being seen as intransigent and seeking to bring back Unionist majority rule.

    Either the DUP can bend with the wind and make some concession on P&J;or, inevitably the assembly will fall. The DUP have few friends outside the North and no-one oytside the North will really care or blame Sinn Fein.

    Frankly, as a Nationalist, I don’t care which happens. Either the DUP start to play fair or we go back to direct rule – Nationalists will benefit from either.

  • Greenflag


    ‘I am not a Sinn Fein supporter and I certainly don’t agree with all their policies. ‘

    Neither am I .

    Part of the problem of the ‘old NI’ was that the police were seen solely as an instrument of Unionist political power . Part of the solution for the ‘new NI’ is that the police have to be seen very quickly as an instrument of ‘republican ‘ power, with full support of SF in the power sharing government . Every day that the DUP delay is a another chip knocked off SF’s credentials to deliver to their supporters and an incentive to the dissidents . That may represent clever politics for the DUP in the short term but it just increases the likelihood IMO of an Assembly collapse .

    BTW I would not be surprised if ‘collapse ‘ is a part of the DUP agenda . They were never keen on power in the first place .Now that they have it , and can do nothing with it they may be looking for another cul de sac 🙁