Remarks born “of weakness…frustration…desperation

Whilst unionist politicians were, unsurprisingly, quick to voice support for Mark Durkan’s call for power-sharing to end soon, Brian Feeney is not so impressed (subs reqd.)
In a scathing attack on the SDLP leader, the former party councillor lambasts Durkan for “abandoning 38 years of SDLP policy and principle” and accuses him of ignoring “the theoretical underpinning of the Good Friday Agreement, the concept of consociationalism.”
He continues:
“Instead of insisting on political power sharing as of right he is prepared to replace that with daily trips to the court by disgruntled nationalists to appeal to some airy-fairy bill of rights. In short, because he thinks politics cannot work to his liking he would prefer judges. How contemptible. How politically inept.” (my emphasis)