“the most extreme historical reenactment society ever”

As I might have mentioned, the 27km long Large Hadron Collider at CERN finishes warming-up and starts firing, so to speak, on Wednesday 10 September. Having previously noted the Guardian’s excellent coverage, I should also point out that the BBC have done a superb job too. There’s an interactive feature, with numerous videos and animations, and on Radio 4 Wednesday will be Big Bang Day. Brian Cox answers some questions on the LHC here, and they’ve lined up some short video interviews too – Dara O’Briain’s is well worth watching. In the meantime, here’s that rap again. “The most extreme historical reenactment society ever”. Heh.

  • If this goes wrong the dup/sinnfein problems will be over for good.

  • percy

    The whole experiment might create a black hole, and swallow us all up. ( solves Policing and Justice )

    It might provide the clues we need for the dark matter/energy we can’t seem to find, but scientists think is there.

    Or it could be a non-event, because the maths/physics is fundamentally flawed, vis-a-vis
    the problem of gravity in rotational fields surrounding certain galaxies, not corresponding to our understanding of the universe and particle physics might be because its all about Ether.

    Foamy Ether – A Framework for a Theory Of Everything

  • Greenflag

    ‘Dara O’Briain’s’

    ‘I’d uninvent Deepaak Chopra in a quantum way :)-

    ‘Homeopaths for the black hole’ even better 🙂

    Thanks for the links and if we don’t hear from you after Wednesday we’ll know at that you are in some other part of the black hole trying to find a thread title on NI politics that will attract some rational interest in that other universe 🙂

  • percy

    perhaps an experiment could set up at Stormont to fire SF particles at the DUP, at increasing velocities, to see if we could isolate the Brit- particle, and prove it doesn’t really belong in the Irish gravitational field.

    oops that’s already happening 🙂

  • The Raven (for another couple of days, anyway)

    “starts firing”…..

    God, I wish you wouldn’t use phrases like that…

  • percy

    change/edit to “projecting” Raven

  • Greenflag

    percy ,

    ‘perhaps an experiment’

    eh ? I understood that’s what has been set up already both in the particle physics and political spheres 🙂

    ‘to fire SF particles at the DUP, at increasing velocities, to see if we could isolate the Brit- particle,’

    Talk about using a sledgehammer to crack some nuts ? 🙂 . All you need to do is to take out the B and the T from British, reverse the first two letters of the remaining letters, and there you have it-Irish .

    Anyway the particles would only bounce off the DUP and ricochet straight back to SF whereby they would be returned to the DUP and vice versa ad infinitum -The Swiss and French physicists would throw their collective hands in the air -shut down the Hadron Collider and throw themselves off Mont Blanc rather than have to ask either the DUP or SF to move first 🙂

  • Dewi

    Pete – you are worse than me at re-posting videos….btw nephew Gwilym got 6 A*s, 3 As and a B @ O level – it’s either CERN or down the mine….

  • I’ve said it before, in another place, so I’ll say it again:

    1. All that stuff about:

    … most ambitious and expensive civilian science experiment in history, based on the biggest machine that humanity has yet built…

    sounds to this Arts graduate like pointy-headed scientists indulging in willy-waving: “My cyclotron is bigger than yours… nah, nahdy, nah!”

    2. Furthermore, if the aim is

    in doing so, it should solve many of the most enduring mysteries of the Universe …

    I just hope the answer to Life. the Universe and Everything isn’t 42.

  • Pete Baker

    Arts graduate, Malcolm?

    Explains a lot. ;o)

    But when it comes to particle acceleration, bigger really is better.

    At least you don’t believe that it’ll create a black hole which will swallow the Earth.. you don’t, do you?

  • cynic

    Is the current political problem because all our politicians are so negative and repel each other?

  • Pete Baker

    *shakes head*

    Can we keep the political discussions to the political posts?

  • Bookies have today closed betting on when Nolan Show/Talkback have a phone-in asking fundamental Christians to deny the existence of the Collider, why it doesn’t prove Genesis to be wrong, why if you read Genesis properly you’ll find the answers and all the explanations to quantum physics and how the Higgs Boson Particle is Satanic Particle worshipped by heavy metal fans and those that play football on a Saturday.

    The odds at closing were 4/5 for Nolan Show, Wednesday, 2/5 Talkback on Tueday and 3/1 Newsline 6.30 Tuesday with Noel Thompson groping for a local angle. Outside bet is UTV Life with Frank Mitchell on Wednesday doing a galactic weather forecast from inside a micro black hole just outside Moira

  • cynic


    Sorry… I just couldnt resist it!

    And the thought of Peter and Marty fired together at 2 x 99% of the speed of light to form some new political hybrid …………….. forget the Higgs boson, just imagine the political particles that would be ejected out of that lot.

    Sorry…I did it again.

    {Smacks wrist. Takes pills and applies cold compress to forehead.}

  • cynic

    “a micro black hole just outside Moira ”

    …… ah the thought of Lurgan, Portadown and Lisburn being the first to be sucked into a black hole….. almost makes the prospect appealing

  • cynic

    “most ambitious and expensive civilian science experiment in history, based on the biggest machine that humanity has yet built…”

    …..but it is unless perhaps you count the whole US space programme as one project

    ….. and it is the biggest physical machine ever built

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Dan Brown gives an excellent account of CERN in his other very credible masterpiece of a novel ‘Angels and Demons’ of which they are about to make into a movie I think.

    CERN, Iluuminati, evil Catholic priests, atomic bombs over Rome, parachuting from a helicopter with a sheet of plastic…

    Wednesday could be an interesting day…just hope we all live long enough to see the international football if it’s all to end down a big hole of anti-matter!

  • gram

    I hope they’ve fitted a dead mans handle to the collider in case things start to get sucked up.

  • susan

    I am Sparticles.