Brown to turn screw on Robinson?

Interesting use of language from Downing Street tonight, with British PM Gordon Brown declaring, “In the next few days, I will use all my efforts to make sure that the devolution of policing and justice can go ahead…”

Brown also suggested that he “believe(d) that this will provide reassurance and hope for everybody,” referring to the IMC Report earlier in the day.

So is the British PM sending a message to Peter Robinson and what prospect a resolution in the days ahead?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Is P. O’Neill on holidays, maybe he’s not well?

  • percy

    The Gordonian knot to be untied? 🙂
    Will this end the scourge of Bakerism? lol

  • ??

    brown needs the DUP more than ever.

  • Pete Baker

    You almost seem surprised, Chris.

    But why wouldn’t Gordon Brown say this once the IMC reported back?

    After all, as I’ve mentioned before..

    Next question is why the securocrats Englezes UK government are trying to help the Sinn Féin leadership out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves?

    Well, they did deliver their party over that policing rubicon – by whatever means necessary.

    And that sort of usefulness takes years to develop

  • Dewi

    Enough Pete – honestly let’s see what the big boys do.

  • Steve

    I must give you credit Pete, as unusual as it is for a unioinist mouth piece you never go off message

    The backhanders must be worth it

  • Chris Donnelly

    Now, now Dewi.

    Don’t deny Pete his moment….

  • DC

    “Next question is why the securocrats Englezes UK government are trying to help the Sinn Féin leadership out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves?”

    Because the UK government gets the essential characteristics of today’s Northern Ireland, post-98 GFA arrangements, post-conflict, a decade of tumultuous hard fought compromises – efforts spent by the few for the many. This St Andrews was nothing compared to what went before. And with the war over this is nothing but a little blip on the way, hopefully even Brown should manage this one.

    Sinn Fein strictly speaking aren’t mandated to support the police until policing becomes devolved but they are doing it anyway. The war is over, I look forward to republican ideals being put forward on the basis of better governance and opportunity for all in a UI and from the Unionists I wish they would just get on with the job.

    Nighty night.

  • Pete Baker

    To those who disagree with what I’ve actually said.

    Feel free to point to the errors involved.


    You’re not wrong, but the key is identifying how the Sinn Féin leadership sold that deal.

    And why that still causes them problems.

  • cynic

    So this week he will sort out the economy, fight off Clarke’s challenge, deal with the credit crunch, negotiate a fuel deal with the energy companies, prepare for a dreadful party conference and deal with NI on the side.

    Next week juggling, perhaps?

    And all this from a notorious ditherer. Don’t hold your breath on this one. If he thinks there will be a success he will be there to claim the glory. If not, we wont see him this side of Christmas.

    Perhaps he could send that Shriti Vadera over. Her diplomatic skills might be handy.

  • USA

    Okay, you win the Slugger award for the most hyperlinks.

    But poliltics in the wee six is not rocket science, P+J is a deal breaker as far as Sinn Fein and their electorate is concerned.

    The rules of the game were decided in London, Dublin and Washington long before St Andrews was created to help the DUP get on board the train.

    The DUP will play ball or its game over for the assembly.

  • Dave

    “The DUP will play ball or its game over for the assembly.”

    The DUP isn’t being led by the British government. In fact, it isn’t too keen (for its own rather obvious and selfish reasons) on the bigger picture of integrating the nationalists into the reformed British political system. It should be keen, since a contented nationalist will transfer his loyalty over time to the State that treats him well, and that is the cornerstone of the whole enterprise. But, from the DUP perspective, they see the reforms to the British political system as being at their direct expense, and they’d quite like to slow the process down – not that it was actually going anywhere in a hurry, anyway.

    They should take a step back and see how the British state has successfully converted those who were anti-state and opposed to British rule into pro-state parties who are now intensely keen to assist in administering British rule, and perhaps show a little more faith in that state’s mastery of the black arts. But, again from their perspective, they’d rightly see that devolution of P and J was sold to the nationalists by the Shinners as a victory over the unionists and over the police service, and categorise that as a product of a sectarian mentality rather than being as it is presented.

    So, this sectarian mentality that the Shinners exploited to get their supporters to endorse the police (“Putting manners on them”) may have been successful in its purpose, but it was deeply offensive to unionists, given that the Shinners previous method of “Putting manners on them” was to shoot them dead on their doorsteps. Cynical as I am, I think it matters a lot to the DUP and that policing and the members of police service is too important to them to play politics with it. So, while the propaganda tactics of the Shinner leadership may have fooled the sheep who follow them, allowing them to endorse “the Crown’s forces of occupation” (something that 95% of them did at the SF Ard Fheis with no ideological qualms at all thereby showing that their murder campaign against the police was sectarian), it was foolishly done by lying to those supporters about a timetable for devolution – a timetable that those who actually support the police (the DUP) had no intention of granting to those who had just announced that they were soon to be in a position to “put manners” on the police. Idiots, touts, and liars, of course, but to the sheep, they’re just taking “risks for peace.”

    If the Assembly collapses then the DUP will be the big winners. They will claim that mandatory coalition is the root of the problem; and that voluntary coalition is the solution. The government will seek to get it up and running again, and it’ll go with voluntary coalition as the easiest expedient.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    El Gordo on cue.

  • Hogan

    Why’s everyone asking where P O’Neill is?

    Sure hasn’t Jonathan Powell left number 10?

  • I’d say Pete Baker has hit the nail on the head here. In short, Sinn Fein massively over-sold St. Andrews to its supporters, and now finds itself in a position where it cannot admit to them (as they have followed them through the humiliation of decommissioning and practically disbanding) that actually, they haven’t gotten them everything after all. Sinn Fein is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you want to read a fuller version of that, you can do so here:

    as for why Gordon Brown is looking to help Sinn Fein out of this “hole” as Pete puts it; my best guess is that Gordon just wants a quiet life – the less drama that comes out of NI for him to have to deal with, the better. Thus he is attempting to get things “running smoothly” again (a relative term when it comes to NI politics).

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    your repeated inistence that SF were in a hole on this issue has now been debunked.

    Grizzly may not do ROI Economics very well – but he does do playing the Englezes expertly as any cursory review of the Peace Process clearly illustrates. Clearly that is, to those who do not rely solely on their ideology to inform their analysis.

  • Take a photo of this Gerg

    Greg Campbell getting a roasting on the radio this morning. Looks like the DUPers have badly misread public opinion as to what constitutes ‘public confidence’.

  • fair_deal

    London willing to accept less from Republicans than Unionists. Almost choked on my frosties with that revelation 😉

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “[i]Greg Campbell getting a roasting on the radio this morning. Looks like the DUPers have badly misread public opinion as to what constitutes ‘public confidence’.[/i]

    Posted by Take a photo of this Gerg on Sep 04, 2008 @ 09:42 AM

    He didn’t sound to good up to 09:42, but things seemed to change when fat boy made the listeners aware that IRA/Sinn Fein refused to take part and explain their side of the situation.

  • Take a photo of this Gerg

    Ulsters my homeland

    LOL – aye very good. How come you are on the day shift by yourself – are the rest of the ‘sheep’ in Dundela Ave getting told how to spin the latest disaster?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    [i]”are the rest of the ‘sheep’ in Dundela Ave getting told how to spin the latest disaster?”[/i]

    The wool isn’t over my eyes.