Arrests after threat to kill Brown, Blair

Revealed tonight – arrests made a week ago over threats first made in January. Lots more to come out, before we know if the threat was substantial.

“No plot was in place but there were calls for the death of Gordon Brown on an extremist jihad website in January.

The current threat level in Britain is “severe” meaning, according to MI5, that there is “a high likelihood of future terrorist attacks” and “a continuing high level of threat to the UK”.

The Prime Minister is currently in Beijing for the handover ceremony to London 2012.

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Harriet Harman and David Milliband have denied any knowledge of or involvement in the plot.

  • The Raven

    Who would want to do such a thing?? Who, I say??? (Apart from that Colonel Mustard bloke…)

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    Could be a positive for him – certainly if he could actually remain as leader of the Labour party he would be the first posthumously elected PM. A near miss could also be a hit but probably best with a decent flesh wound as long as there is no permanent disability as Cameron would probably tease him about that during prime ministers questions – though given where he is in the polls at the moment he might just be tempted to run with that.

  • Rory

    If we locked up everybody who ever threatened to murder someone we would have to imprison about 90% of the population starting with Herself who has been muttering all morning about my “behaviour” last night and the causes of my present dishevelled state.

    She also writes a bit of poetry every now and then and that’s another good reason for banging her up as a young Muslim woman recently found.

  • Harry Flashman

    Rory may need to sit down at this point but I happen to agree with him.

    From 2001 until 2005 Islamist terrorists were posing a fairly sizeable threat to the security of western, indeed worldwide security. The security services around the world reacted swiftly and competently and quickly nullified that threat to the extent that Islamist terrorism is little more than a nuisance in large parts of the world 9mostly the developed parts), ranging from mentally ill young men to internet fantasists, wanking over their computers.

    It is fully to the credit of the security services that they have achieved such a remarkable result but I think it is now time to calm down the hype a little bit.

    Like the “peterofile” scare that has a ludicrous figure like Gary Glitter being hounded around the globe by legions of pressmen, the Islamist whackjobs are certainly real but frankly in most parts of the world (MOST parts of the world, not all of the world) they are little more than pathetic bogeymen who might get lucky once or twice with appalling consequences but who should not be allowing us to sink into mass hysteria and over reaction.

  • Rory

    Don’t fret, Harry, I even used often find myself in agreement with Margaret Thatcher on really big issues like whether or not it was raining or that it was past being too early in the day for that first glass of whiskey.

    The problem here is that the security forces frustrated with their inability to net a big shark have gone trawling with very fine nets and try to justify it with declaring every minnow to be a mackrel. Thus we have the ludicrous prosecution above and the police fed press frenzy featuring Gordon Brown in his very own Day of the Jackal when the reality will prove to be closer Geeks: The Movie. I fear that the sheer grandstanding, budget-justifying dynamic of what passes for a security policy is fuelled by some belief that such prosecutions will put the wind up any would -be young idealists who might be tempted into action but I suspect that the reality is more likely to be a growing trend of justifiable resentment amonst law abiding, peaceful young Muslims which will make them even more susceptible to recruitment from militant groups.

  • Comrade Stalin


    That’s quite a breathtaking effort to bend reality around the Iraq war and the Bush presidency. Islamic terrorism predated 2001, with several very serious attacks before then, including the 1993 WTC bombings.

    Post 2005, you’ve got the transatlantic bomb plot and then there’s the small matter of the botched airport attacks. Those arrested in association with the terrorist attacks all claimed they were motivated by the Iraq war.

    There has been no net change in the danger posed by Islamic terrorism since the mid 1980s, as far as I can see. If anything, the Iraq war has encouraged people to take up terrorism.

  • Harry Flashman

    “That’s quite a breathtaking effort to bend reality around the Iraq war and the Bush presidency. Islamic terrorism predated 2001, with several very serious attacks before then, including the 1993 WTC bombings.”

    Indeed it did CS but until 11th September 2001 it had not made the logistical leap into being a major societal threat, it remained such a threat until about 2005/06 (I remain to be convinced that the “airliner threat” was feasible and wasn’t simply another fantasy, I am prepared to be proven wrong).

    However in the western world today Islamic terrorism is mostly contained and being dealt with, there ain’t gonna be no suitcase nuclear bomb exploding in London.