Scottish Labour deeper in election mire

First you see him

“McLeish tipped for Glenrothes by-election”

Then you don’t
McLeish out of by-election race.

Fancy resurrecting one former Labour leader who resigned over expenses, just after defenestrating the last one.
What bait for Salmond. It just shows the depth of Labour’s despair.

  • SNP gain.

  • Dewi

    This ain’t a sure thing – it’s Fife and they are really thrawn. Labour in a mess though.

  • Dewi
    SNP gain

  • Rory

    Speaking of things Scottish has anyone noticed, as I have, the many ways in which broadcasters and their guests, discussing the Edinburgh Festival on Radion 4, have of pronouncing the name of the city?

    The Oxbridge/RP mob seem fond of “eddin-brough”, (the “brough” being as we might expect, somewhat clipped) while I have noticed that Americans and northern English prefer “eddin-borough”. I myself have always said “eddin-burr” (with a sort of an extra “brr” on the “burr” – if you ken).

    Anyone (preferably,but not exclusively, Scottish) care to comment?

  • where I come from Auld Reekie is pronounced “Embra” lol

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Oe Enbra or Edinbra depending on the company.

    >>it’s Fife and they are really thrawn.<

  • Dewi

    Eoghan – will need fighting but I love the way SLAB counduct their muck racking candidate selection processes in public…..really helpful.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    They have foot in hoof disease like another group of Unionists we know. They obviously haven’t heard the maxim about keeping quiet and be thought of an eedjit etc.

  • PE I cant see anything other than an SNP gain

  • Hopefully it isnt the end of Gordon Brown though.
    His Britishness thing is helping more Scots decide that it isnt for them lol

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    His biggest mistake was to rouse the apathetic Scot. Claiming that his favourite goal was Gazza’s AGAINST Scotland was a Godsend for the SNP, what a plonka.

    I see that Scotland fans booed and jeered the national anthem of the visiting team last night for the first time ever(an English thing usually). Perhaps it wasn’t the team they had the problem with, just the anthem.

  • Suilven

    You’re dissembling once again, PE – why, 11 short months ago the SFA issued this apology to the visiting Lithuanians:

    Now, would you like tell the assembled masses on Slugger, what cogent political reason a section of the Tartan Army had for offending the Lithuanians then? Or were they just being morons (like last night)?

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    I think they responded quite well to an anthem that sings about crushing them. Can you check out the Lithuanian national anthem for me, it might have a verse abusing us as well.

    I see that some of your guys covered themselves in glory yesterday. From what I hear abusing locals and hateful swearing chants about the Holy Father. Dear dear, see what happens when you banjo boys come into the big smoke.

  • May god grant aid to general Wade like a torrent rush
    rebellious Scots to crush………………

    I personally cant see a problem with that :0)

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Unless you were one of the rebellious Scots who got crushed Phil. Many an innocent killed whilst out tending the fields or hiding in the woods from friendly redcoats, who had kindly burnt your home.

    Aye, we don’t hear much in our British schools about the terror following the “45”. Wonder why?