Brewery piss-up etc

The IFA, the organisation so bad it makes all metaphors for failure redundant. As this is a football thread I would remind commentors the play the ball rule still applies.

  • roger

    So we have an orangeman(Kennedy)accused of discrimination against the IFA chief executive because he’s English.

    And to think the IFA are so fond of Mr Wells’ English anthem at Windsor park !

  • Chris Donnelly

    Beyond words, really.

    The IFA’s recent past reads like updated lyrics Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire….’

    Boyce and Wells In Public Spat, Darren Gibson eligibility, Great Windsor Park Escape (Clause), DC and the Ports Out, Referees Strike, Wells Discriminiated Against….

    (I know, can’t seem to fit the lyrics to music, but you get the idea….)

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    I’m trying here…hang on…. Maybe, if I really struggle…
    Nope! I really don’t give a flying fukk. Sorry


    I see Donegal Celtic beat Bangor 1 – 0 at Clandeboye Park tonight. Is this the same DC team that was consigned to the wilderness by the IFA and replaced by…………Bangor?? I stand corrected if I am wrong. Really they do come across as a very amateurish organisation. The Stadium fiasco sums them up. You don’t have to be a Nationalist or Republican to laugh at them. I know many NI, Blues & Glens men who want most of them sacked.

  • RG Cuan

    The IFA, and the FAI, are holding back soccer on the island. Jobs for the boys and then they can’t even do the jobs properly!

    One association: less eejits to mess things up, more success on the pitch…

  • eddie boots

    Mr. Kennedy in his sash, David Healy and his flute, NI fans chanting ‘No Surrender’-Wells should count himself lucky that he’s English and not a local Catholic otherwise he would have got a real doing.

    In saying that, I’m sure that ‘the best supporters in this wee pravince’ (and indeed the universe) will be on their best behaviour tonight and won’t spoil their nice, new, shiny non-sectarian image -won’t they?

  • Mike

    Surprised it took as long as the 6th post…*rolls eyes*…

    Anyway, back on topic – Kennedy is an embarrassment who should go, and Wells shouldn’t be too far behind him. It shouldn’t stop there – the wee ‘committee men’ who have been holding back the game for years should be cleared out too.

  • slug

    Brring back Jim Boyce!

  • Alan

    I agree with you totally Mike. Every single one of the moron’s who run N.I. football should go, and go NOW! I also was surprised that it took six post’s before the all prod’s are bigot’s started.
    Jim Boyce is a gentleman and was an outstanding ambassador for N.I. and for football in general. Raymond Kennedy (smug git) will never be able to lace Jim’s boot’s (excuse the pun). Kick him out!

  • “Mr. Kennedy in his sash, David Healy and his flute, NI fans chanting ‘No Surrender’-Wells should count himself lucky that he’s English and not a local Catholic otherwise he would have got a real doing.”

    You can say it ain’t so, denial is a river in Egypt etc, but those are very recent events.

    I Wonder what reception Pat “Celtic” McCourt will get for the North if he plays for them again? Especially if he performs well in an old firm derby? Unforgivable for loyal subject’s tastes.

  • Doctor Who

    londaindoire city fc

    Yawn, Yawn….don´t forget the GAWA where also the real perpetrators of the holocaust and we also shot Kennedy.

    C´mon now it is hardly news that our Football Association are shower of tossers. Although why Chris has pointed out the exclusion of Donegal Celtic is beyond me, it was the even greater incompetence of their board and Portadown´s that excluded them from the Premier league.

  • Lee

    Watched most of the Northern Ireland game this evening.

    I thought at one point, Scotland were playing Rangers, What with the ‘no surrender’ chants, and renditions of ‘rule brittania’ coming from the ni support.

    Many of the Scottish fans seemed just as baffled as the Welsh fans did, when the English anthem was played at the start of the game.

  • slug

    The Irish lads played well tonight and we can feel satisfied in our performance against Scotland, though frustrated not to have got the penalty.

  • WindsorRocker

    [i]”One association: less eejits to mess things up, more success on the pitch…

    Posted by RG Cuan on Aug 20, 2008 @ 01:43 AM”[/i]

    And of course nationalist/republican aspirations fulfilled with another all ireland move made……

    To all who refuse to actually debate the points of these threads and drone on about “less jobs for the suits” and “more success” (debateable notion) every time either football association on this island comes up for debate, stop treating the rest of us like fools and just type in bold capital letters in these football threads….


    As for the TOPIC of the thread….. it may be entirely reasonable to suggest that Howard’s English leanings have had an influence on his conduct of certain areas of the Northern Ireland job…. his closeness to direct rule ministers over the Maze project coupled with the reality that after the IFA his next stop, like any good sports administrator, should be a role in the biggest sporting show to hit the UK… the 2012 Olympics….

  • Marty

    Funny listening to the Scots chanting ‘Are you England in disguise’ after the northern fans sang ‘rule britannia’.

  • USA

    Windsor “off your” Rocker,
    It is exactly because of idiots like those in charge of the IFA that football in Ireland is so crap. It’s crap at a local level, its crap at an international level, its crap at youth level, its crap at amateur level.
    One well run professional league, one Irish international football team, a well funded youth program, its about football not politics. The FAI are equally shite so get off your paranoid rocking horse and think about football on this island – a whole new paradigm if you will.

  • Doctor Who


    So you suggest we disband two organisations, sacking all administrators, then what take applications. Why can´t your ideas be work on a Northern Ireland only purpose? or is it perhaps your politics creeping in?

  • WindsorRocker

    Doctor Who…. nice rhetorical question….

    When nationalists comment on the northern irish football team, politics always sadly creeps in…
    If we could actually discuss the issues at hand, threads like this would be better for it

  • CS Parnell

    OK, I am not going to do the MOPE bit – I am one of those nationalists old enough to recall when all in the North supported NI.

    But I think the so-called GAWA need to catch themselves on (as we said back in 82). Things have moved on but they haven’t – the facts are that NI are perceived to be a team of one community only. If your response to that is “that’s your problem” then you are confirming it.

    40% of the soccer players in the North will come from the community you have chosen to exclude – no more Gerrys, Antons or Neils? Then welcome to the bargain basement with San Marino.

  • USA

    I feel that it makes both financial and footballing sense to have a single viable league on the island. It will give a platform for good local players to develop their talent. It will provide a place for some of the top Irish talent to return to in their twilight years and offer them an opportunity to begin a managerial career.
    There are so many benefits I could go on all night.
    As you are casually throwing political aspersians may I suggest it is in fact your political bias that will not let you open your eyes to the huge potential of a single league and national team.

  • WindsorRocker


    The supporters of Northern Ireland and the authorities have taken great steps in the last few years to open up the NI team to all. The sectarian singing is gone and the whole place has a much more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

    You say that 40% have been excluded….
    If it is because of the sectarianism of the past then the above has started to deal with that and it may take a sustained period of good atmospheres to change that.
    IF it is because people can’t bear the idea of NI at all then that is their problem.

    The stopping of sectarian singing and the cross community work etc could be seen as amendments to “the motion”…. the problem with addressing the concern of the second group of the 40% is that any amendment they would want would “negate the motion”….

  • Driftwood

    USA, to expand on your point, the one with the benefits you could go on all night- although you failed to provide 1.
    Why not a UK national team? Or even a British Isles one like the current British Lions rugby team which includes players from the 5 nations within the British Isles? Surely an even better option?

  • Gregory

    I attended the game, and as a Scot, i could not beleive that the Northern Ireland were singing songs like ‘Rule Brittania’.

    The Scottish fans were well justified in chanting ‘You’re just a small part of England’ & ‘Are you England in disguise’.

    I saw very little that differentiated England & Northern Ireland fans at Hampten Park earlier in the week.

    Some of the singing outside the bars around the stadium was also quite unsavory, a lot of sectarian and political rubbish.

    We always avoid that sort of sh*t at Scotland games.

    The game was also pretty rubbish, but that’s football.