Slow speed Ireland beats a little faster for Paddy

ADDS Kenneth Egan makes it to the light heavyweight quarter finals. Michael, glad to include this to dispel a little more gloom but I’m not equipped for a running commentary – unless one of us as Team GB or Ireland or hell whatever, strikes more precious metal.

OLYMPICS UPDATE. Just to dispel a little of the two speed Olympics gloom, it’s a Bronze at least for Belfast’s and Ireland’s Paddy Barnes!, But the way to Gold aint no picnic.

“The Chinese boxer (other finalist Zou Shiming) beat Barnes convincingly in the World Championships in Chicago last year”.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Great news.

    Brian- you might want to update as Ken Egan also made it through to the semi-final.

    Getting a bit like waiting for buses….

  • Ingram

    Good Luck to him.


  • RG Cuan

    Super, well done Paddy!

    Just a question, do Unionists here really identify with the British Olympic team, and all that BBC hyperbole?

    There are more people from NI representing Ireland than GB this year.

  • BfB

    Kenny Egan was brilliant with great hand speed and power.. The only words I understood was ‘brilliant and Guinness’ in the post fight interview…Let’s get the English kid next….

    Kenny and Paddy ABU!!

    Nasty bit with that biting Kurbanov….

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    And Darren Sutherland has won another Bronze Medal for Ireland in the boxing. So we have 3 bronze medals so far.

  • Bill

    Well done Mr. Barnes/Sutherland/Egan!

    It’s a pity some others on the blogsphere use a story of sporting achievement to promote their usual political agenda of secterianism, bitterness and bile.

    “On a positive note, it comes to something when the first team medal for a country goes to someone born outside that country. Let’s hope the traiterous little bleeder gets an absolute hammering in the final.”

    No gold medals awarded here for guessing what site that comment was posted on. It’s depressingly predictable though.

  • Well done to all the Irish boxers and especially to the three lads who won medals and well done to Britain with all their medals too.

    I heard on the TV the other night, that up to the 2008 Olympics of the 9 boxing medals Ireland has won, 6 of the winners were from the North. Well done to all of Ireland and thank you to the northerners. Now another three to add to the tally.

    Bravo, the fighting Irish, that’s one thing we are great at πŸ™‚