Jelly plague

A pretty sight for Slugger, don’t you think? I’d just got used to seeing “Glenarm salmon” proudly displayed at the chic London chain of fish shops Fishworks, when the monsters struck.

The Independent reports:

“The growing threat from swarms of jellyfish around Britain’s coast is to be investigated for the first time by British and Irish scientists. Using the latest technology, researchers are planning to tag jellyfish to explore their life cycles and movement in a project known as Ecojel.

For the first time?? About time!!

With the Independent true to form and offering climate change as an explanation, may we now expect Sammy Wilson to pitch in?

Overfishing also plays its part according to the New Scientist ( subs reqd) and countries on the Med and across the Atlantic are equally affected.

Does Slugger’s fount of knowledge extend to having a crack at explaining this plague in more (but not excessive) detail ?