Gay spooks

The only open gay in the village no longer. Nothing expresses the turn-round in public acceptance of gays better than the news that MI5 – including presumably its Holywood Co Down branch – is asking for Stonewall’s help in recruiting gays, in order ” better to represent all sections of society”.From the austere Financial Times, to the nowadays less socially conservative Daily Telegraph (which can’t resist the tongue in cheek ref to Matt Lucas’s character Daffydd), and even to the normally trog-like Sun, the reporting is fairly straight, so to speak. Times have changed dramatically since MI5 and MI6 were targeted by university Communists who were also homosexual members of the Cambridge Apostles society, Blunt and Burgess and also by the Labour politician Tom Driberg. The Apostles, a secret society of clever young men exploring on the edge of society were attracted to open homosexuality and Communism in the 30s, producing a toxic mix of disloyalty and personal concealment which did great harm to the cause of what we today we call gay rights. And not much good to further the interests of Communism either in that more naive age, if it comes to that.

The ban on gays in the security services was lifted inly in th early 1990s.

How Iris will react? We await with bated breath.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    The only open gay in the village no longer?

    And MI5 are hardly going to be “open”. They aren’t normally. Nor are they “representative”. We might ask why they want gay people in their ranks at all. “More representative of the community” (on which MI5 want to gather intelligence?

    It might be a good question.

  • Yea billie its all those underground narco-terrorist-homos that Mi5 are interested in.

  • To think that MI5 is only recruiting gays now shows just how incompetent it has been all along.

    Since foreign intelligence agencies, especially the KGB, liked to recruit gays in the hope of compromising important homosexual officials, it would seem that a security service would want to find out who they are through their own gays.

    The fact that the Security Service is only looking for them now indicates that they were infiltrated all along by closet gays through their old-boy vetting service.

    If Peter Wright is to be believed, it was a zoo.

  • abucs

    If they don’t make their quota, i wonder if there will training for those who are willing to learn ? :o)

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Do they hire on a freelance basis? I might do a few hours on a Saturday night if the money’s good and they supply me with a skimpy muscle vest, a gay lisp and a pile of heavily made up hairdressers to be my fag-hags!

  • Dave

    MI5 always saw the opportunity to exploit homosexuals, Trow. They’ve been in the gay brothel business in the UK since the 50s. However, MI5 preferred to blackmail homosexuals rather than recruit them.'s_home

  • cynic

    “We might ask why they want gay people in their ranks at all.”

    err… wasn’t at least one of their former Heads in NI gay?

    …. and Trowbridge, what exactly do you mean by ‘a zoo’?

    Nice too to see all the wonderful schoolboy humour here. Having a touch of the Iris’s are we?

  • BfB

    WOW! Slugger remains a hotbed of topical back and forth!! Nothing better than a spook moe who’s been in the closet his whole adult life….
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that..;-)

  • spanishroomscrumpy

    Brian that link you supplied was a biased definition of the Cambridge Apostles if I ever read one.

    Fairly dripped with loathing, I thought; not surprising given its provenance – the National Review.

  • That’s exactly what I mean, Dave.

    Take note, cynic.

    For example, how was Peter Wright, apparently the KGB’s leading spy in British intelligence, able to make a shambles of the Security Service – i. e., by claiming that either Hollis or Mitchell, thanks to their apparently AC/DC character, was it when, in fact, they just acted suspiciously by Wright’s pursuit of them because of their closet existence?

    And for anyone who doubts what Wright was about, just read up about Soviet spy SCOTT, ‘K’, and HUNT in Mitrokhin, West and Andrew.

    It’s the biggest fiasco Whitehall still has to answer for.

  • cynic


    I think that Burgess, Philby, Maclean and Blunt still have the trophy for the biggest fiasco. And the problem with all the books and reported writings is that they are self serving . We will never really know. Nor I suspect will ‘they’.

  • I beg to differ.

    Wright was far more destructive than all five of the Cambridge spies.

    Here is one of my takes on the subject:


  • Typed the link incorrectly:

  • Rory

    What kinda spies are these? Why can’t they just pretend to be gay? If Bruce Willis could do it in the movie The Jackal you’d think a really cool British Secret Service agent would be a master of disguises and if he had gone to public school he wouldn’t need to do much pretending.

    Any way say they recruited say, Graham Norton – well he’d have to be gay all the time. He couldn’t do butch. I mean even with a crop and tattoos and jeans and Doc Martens and a big RUC moustache and a pit-bull terrier he would have a job infiltrating say,a Loyalist gang of thugs. See they don’t allow gays in. Do they?

    Obviously what we need here is a recruitment drive for bi-sexuals who can multi-task. It would do wonders for the budget. And if they could recruit say, bearded men who like dressing up in ladies’ frocks like Sir Richard Branson they could probably arrange to have staff discounts on cd’s, videos and flights to the US which is bound to help recuitment as well as broadening the mind.

  • Steve


    bi-sexuals who can multi-task

    A bi-sexual male than can multi task now you really are shooting for the moon