Red Hands Wallop Metropolitans, All-Ireland Bound?

Received a text from a Tyrone pal of mine this morning, urging me to put whatever cash I had at hand on his beloved county to stuff the pundits and bookies and end Dublin’s march to this year’s All-Ireland. Alas, with floods, family duties and Olympic Boxing to occupy my mind, I never quite made it to the Bookmakers. It’s a pity. Tyrone, against the odds and predictions of most, walloped Dublin in the All-Ireland quarter final today, putting in the best performance by an Ulster side at HQ since their 2005 triumph against Kerry. Next stop, twice Ulster conquerors and Cinderella side of the decade, Wexford.

  • Henry94

    Tyrone were outstanding. Great result.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    Was at the match today, well what can I say,, we were not expecting that display!. Tyrone were on fire from the get go and there was not one player that did nt give it their all. They have vastly improved on their scoring and only scored one point from a free and a good share of the scores spread among the team.
    Dublin never stood a chance against the tyrone defence and they ran in packs to defend and showed the same hunger as they did in the 2003 game against Kerry that Pat Spillane famously called “Puke Football”.( that clip still gives me goosebumps!!) I cant wait to see the sunday game to hear the excuses from him he has been talking up a Kerry v Dublin final and would have hated to see that display today, rub it up ye!!
    Have to say though the dubs were gracious in defeat and even though we love to hate them, as fans I would have to say they are very friendly and great for the bit of banter( they were assholes in 95 though;)

    Sad to hear of the passing of another great Dub, Ronnie Drew,
    God Bless

  • dunreavynomore

    Fair play to Tyrone! Didn’t think they could do it but they did it and did in in style.


    Tyrone were magnificent today, their football ability and All Ireland mindset shone through. All week they have been derided and disrespected by a myopic and partitionist Southern media that desired nay demanded a Dublin win and a capital humiliation of the Northern hordes. Irrespective of recent results between the two teams and Tyrone’s All Ireland pedigree the Dublin media still expected that the Jackeens would triumph over the Ulster upstarts. Consequently those of us who are not from Tyrone still revel and take great satisfaction from Tyrone’s win. For the last 6 years we have had to put up with bitter, 26 county partitionist anti-Ulster nonsense from some Southern commentators who hate the very idea of SAM crossing the border. They have used EVERY excuse under the sun to deny that Ulster can produce teams and Gaelic footballers who can win on football ability alone. It is for this reason I take great satisfaction in Tyrone sticking two fingers up to these bigots. Well done Mickey and the team!!

  • George

    can you provide some evidence of your claims that Tyrone were “derided and disrespected” by the southern media this week as opposed to Dublin simply being overhyped and overrated?

    It’s pretty serious thing to call people bigots so the least you can do is back up the claim with some hard facts.

    Otherwise, you just come across as a northerner with a large chip.


    Well George the term ‘puke football’ was invented by a VERY bitter Munster man who couldn’t stomach the thought of Ulster sides winning Sam. Irrespective of form or footballing ability he has repeated this mantra EVERY time an Ulster side has played this year and over the past 6 years. It was a shield to deflect Northern success and perish the thought that Ulster can actually play football. What exactly have Dublin done these past 4 years to deserve such overwhelming favourites tag? It was something that the Southern media kept repeating more in hope, expectation and desperation more than actual sporting fact and form. I also suggest you go onto some of the GAA sites and read the vitriol directed towards Tyrone & Ulster this week from Southern GAA folk who wanted Dublin to beat the insolent Northern hordes onto submission. This is fact also and NOT a chip on my shoulder. The fact you even tried to deny it proves the point, a guilty conscience still in denial after today maybe?

  • Observer


    catch a f@%^king grip. Your paranoia is unbelievably depressing.

    “Southern GAA folk who wanted Dublin to beat the insolent Northern hordes into submission”

    Are you for real? As always when the Dubs are concerned it turns into 31 against 1. And anyway (as with this website!), you would do better than take seriously the ranting of a few misguided souls on a website as representing “public opinion”.

    Of course, the Dubs are going to garner the bulk of media attention (there are over a million of them, you know). Of course, the “free state” media is going to talk them up. It’s called playing to your market. Those million or so people buy a lot of papers. But to read some anti-northern (whatever your defintion of “nothern” is)bias into the fact that the Dubs are talked up every year is just sad.

    For a man that is very quick to spot partitionist free-statism in everything around you, you seem very quick to retreat into a “wee six” mentality yourself. The irony is pathetic.

    And as for Spillane, are you so insecure that a comment invented in the heat of the moment by a man whose team had been blown off the park by a rampant Tyrone back in 93 is now somehow gnawing at your very sense of identity. For God’s sake, have enough sense of your own Irishness that you dont come out with this crap.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    There are certainly parts of the southern media who are biased against the ulster teams or the “brethern” as pat spillane likes to call us, There was also the time in the 2003 campaign whent the Dublin media compared us to the british army and that when we crossed the border to croke park we had no power. But this does the likes of Tyrone and Armagh no harm in the mental build up for these matches, spillane is just an asshole, keep it coming Pat!!

  • observer

    Ach Tir Eoghain, come on. Give one concrete example of actual bias. The fact that they don’t tip Ulster teams? The fact that they think an Ulster team will be beaten? The use of the “blanket defence” as it is called?

    In fact, the only reference to the British Army that I can recall was made by Peter Canavan in his acceptance speech for Sam in 93. Imagine the captain of the first ever Tyrone All Ireland winning team and he referenced the British army in his speech (even if it was a particularly poor joke)!!!!!!!!!!

    As an Ulsterman myself, I find this paranoia about the “Southern” media very tiresome. Of course, they don’t automatically sing the praises of every Ulster football team. Of course, they dont automatically think Ulster football is the best thing ever. But why should they, isn’t that what we have the Irish News for????????

  • observer

    And anyway Lurig, with a name like yours, I’m surprised you pay any attention to football at all!!!!!!!!

  • Arconada Armstrong

    Well, as Slugger appears to be an Olympics-free zone, and this is the only sports thread, a big congratulations to Wendy Houvenaghel for picking up a silver medal in the Cycling.

  • Glencoppagagh

    Isn’t it a bit worrying that Dublin is so consistently unsuccessful. After all it accounts for more than a quarter of the Republic’s population. On that basis it should be dominating the All Ireland.
    The fact that they don’t you have to ask whether maybe the most talented athletic youngsters in Dublin reject the GAA and that Dublin GAA teams are made up of second raters who couldn’t make it in other sports or those who couldn’t be arsed to make the effort and aren’t going to make it for the GAA.
    Do you think Brian O’Driscoll or Robbie Keane cry themselves to sleep at night because they’ll never win an All Ireland medal?
    Anyway it’s surely a bit embarrassing that our national capital is so unsuccessful at what is supposed to be our “national game”.

  • me

    I dont buy into the “wee six”( Ulster has nine, 6 in Munster!!) or the “free state” theories in relation to football but the commentary in yesterdays match on RTE was truely dreadful and so biased towards Dublin, fcuk it was like an England international on BBC


  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    “spillane is just an asshole, keep it coming Pat!”

    Very true. But I’m sure Pat was absolutely delighted that Tyrone beat Dublin, for Pat has no love for the Fair City either.

    But the Dirty Dubs were dreadful! Tyrone thrashed us outright. Despite all the hype about the Dubs, it looks as if the Dirties will never win the Sam. Just as well Caffrey resigned!

    What a bad day for us Dubs overall, with Ronnie Drew passing away as well. Many a tear shed over the coddle and Guinness!

    I hope Tyrone goes all the way!


    Well observer I pay enough attention to Gaelic football enough to know that Peter Canavan lifted Sam in 2003 NOT 1993 as you keep banging on about. Shows how much you know about the games. Don’t comment on something you obviously know little about. Other posters on here agree with me. Go and play bowls, it’s a nice Sunday morning for it!

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    It was not that many years ago that Dublin was to break up into two teams, Dublin city and Dublin county but it never came about.
    As for spillane he was having wet dreams of another Dublin v Kerry final as some sort of utopian final, he dreads the thought of Kerry getting beaten again in Croke park by another “arrogant” northern team

  • RepublicanStones

    Delighted, great game, although I was soaked. Well worth it. There were loads of tickets flying about pre-match, not surprising though given the weather. Can’t wait for work tommorrow, big stinking grin on my face from ear to ear for them Dubs.

    Actually bit disappointed the jackeens didn’t put up more of a fight, missed the adrenaline that comes with close games.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    The Metropolitans? For fukk sake. GAA names are bad enough even if they are only used by the headline writers and local TV. “The Saffrons have beaten the Farley Men” etc.

    Metrpolitans. Jeez Louise!

  • ggn

    “farley men”

    Never heard of them!

  • Chris Donnelly


    Fair point, but surely you mean ‘Farney’ unless there’s a big soda-producing tradition in Monaghan….

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    You think the farney men is bad, next game the Red hands play the yellow bellies!

  • Finn McCool

    I tried to watch the replay on RTE from Armagh and got this message.

    “We are sorry but this programme is only available to play in Ireland”

    They must be really pissed at the Norn Iron possee.

  • Greenflag

    Congratulations to Tir Eoghain or Tyrone a.k.a O’Neill country.

    Beidh la eile ag an bpaorach (Beg law ella egg uhn bearock )

    ‘There’ll be another day ‘:) Although if the rain keeps on 🙁

  • I’m from the South and I was delighted that tyrone beat those Dublin pricks, a county of one million people and they’re still shite. I wonder did their cocaine get wet on the hill when it rained. What a laughable sight, the Dublin GAA fans with their burberry gear, lines of coke and their chants in English accents of “who Awww Ya?”, they’re trying to be more British than those deluded plastic britties up in the six counties. Well done Tyrone.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    My bad! “Farney”.

  • Glencoppagagh

    So the problem with the Dubs all million of them is they’re just not Irish enough unlike those fine fellas from the north.
    Does Irishness increase the farther you travel from Dublin?

  • RG Cuan

    It was Tír Eoghain at their best meeting a very off-par Baile Átha Cliath. Ulster certainly have a chance of Sam this year after that performance.

    One point of note however is how 3 of the 4 Provincial winners are now out of the race for Sam. Teams coming from the qualifiers definitely have an advantage and the boys in Croke Park should do something to balance out the current back door system.

    Have to say though the dubs were gracious in defeat and even though we love to hate them, as fans I would have to say they are very friendly and great for the bit of banter

    Have to agree, I think BÁC fans are some of the most sporting in the country. After Ard Mhacha of course! 😉

  • Observer


    had a wee look and, surprise surprise, dont see too many agreeing with you at all!

    Thanks for the suggestion that I should go and play bowls, but I’m away down to Ballycastle to watch Rossa and the Dall. Maybe some other time??


    Away to Ballycastle at 25 to Six on a Sunday night? That must be a late throw in under floodlights in pissing rain and darkness! Rossa? How the mighty have fallen……and a long way too. 2nd Division team??

  • Donnacha

    Can I just say what a strange feeling it is as a Wexfordman to find myself halfway through August and still have an interest in the Championship? And in the football at that! Strange days indeed. Are the yellowbellies still paying 150-1?

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Well, as Slugger appears to be an Olympics-free zone, and this is the only sports thread, a big congratulations to Wendy Houvenaghel for picking up a silver medal in the Cycling.

    A good point – but don;t worry, I’m sure if Ireland manage a 5th place we’ll get 3 or 4 threads from Donnelly. To date, we’ve had nothing about the 2 lads form coleraine who made the rowing finals, or indeed as you say, the lass from Co Londonderry/Derry who picked up a silver.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange
  • Lenny

    Well heres another southerner who was shouting for the Tyrone lads on Saturday. Methinks you’re a bit paranoid LURIG. The Dublin media always talk up Dublin and it puts more pressure on the Dubs than they need.
    Regarding the match itself, I’ve always been an admirer of Brian Dooher but to see him lording it over Croke Park on Saturday was a joy to behold.
    Best of luck to Tyrone in the final against Kerry.

  • Dr Strangelove

    I still can’t quite comprehend that result.. Let’s hope Tyrone do not fall on their ass in the semi, although I do not think that will happen.

  • George

    still waiting for you provide any evidence that Tyrone were “derided and disrespected” by the southern media this week as you claimed.

    So I will have to assume your post about bigotry was simply based on your own narrow-minded prejudices rather than anything that was actually said.

    There’s a word for that and it begins with B.

    PS: Pat Spillane is on the web on RTE so I’m sure go can guide me to where he said what you claim this week.

    This is a lot of other Irish media too for you to source.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    I would`nt go so far as to call Spillane a bigot but he is certainly biased against ulster teams. If you watched the Sunday Game last night you would see that on a 15 minute segment that was on saturdays match Tyrone was talked about for approx 2-3 minutes whereas the rest of the panel debate was on the way forward for dublin next year and no mention of the next game THIS year.
    The RTE pod casts don`t even transmit to the north to watch it online!!

  • George

    Tir Eoghain Gael,
    I’m just asking Lurig to back up his wild claims about Tyrone being “derided and disrespected” by the southern media in the week running up to the game.

    He has failed to provide a single quote never mind enough to back up his assertion that there are a number of “bigots” in the media and that they were out in action again last week.

    So I’ll have to assume he was basing his claims on his own narrow-minded prejudice against the southern media rather than what was actually said. There’s a word for such narrow-minded prejudice.

    As for the post-match reporting, the story of the day here was the complete implosion of Dublin.

    Tyrone have won two All-Irelands this decade and the media simply said they were awesome but Dublin have now gone 13 years without Sam. This looks like the first decade since the formation of the GAA that Dublin won’t win an All-Ireland football championship.

    That is news and that is what the pundits and the majority of viewers on the island were getting their jollies on.

    If this was Tyrone’s first All-Ireland semi-final or the like, things might have been different.

    As for the podcasts, the RTE website says the matches are available on the “island of Ireland”.

    However, I’m out of the country at the moment and couldn’t watch any sports as RTE have blocked all sports programmes for the duration of the Olympics to avoid any rights issues. That included radio coverage of the Dublin match.

    I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies.

  • Moaner

    West Brits lose to northern Brits

  • gaaaaah another bloody walloping
    season’s over

  • The Greatest TV presenter and geography teacher EV

    pUKe football